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>> Tuesday, February 3, 2009

[Germany / Transgredient Records]

2001 - Part One: Harmonies

First release on Troum's new label TRANSGREDIENT and first part of the Tjukurrpa-trilogy, aiming to show the different sides of Troum's organic & archaic dreamscapes. This part 1 is dedicated to "harmonies", containing seven yearnful & atmospheric tracks made by guitar, bass, accordion, voices and effects. Listen to dreaming beauty...

1. Wrota Sfer (16:35)
2. Licht-Brandung (7:03)
3. Gluoen (7:11)
4. Skaun[ei]s (7:44)
5. Zayin (6:55)
6. Mada Shaunda (5:57)
7. Mirrored In You (Dedicated To Martyn Bates) (10:23)


2001 - Part Two: Drones

“This part two is dedicated to "drones", presenting five highly atmospheric and droning tracks ranging from minimal to monumental sounds, from dark ambient to more ritualistic areas: these are drones to loose your rational mind in.. The music on Tjukurrpa II is made by loops based on metal-sounds, percussion & other more obscure sources, as well as mouth-organ, choirs, guitars, and effects.”

1. Scurphen (15:35)
2. Dhren (12:04)
3. Trahan (8:57)
4. Afgod (14:23)
5. Tiefenrausch (10:30)


2003 - Part Three: Rhythms And Pulsations

Dronecore. This is the third part in TROUMs Tjukurrpa-trilogy, following part 1 (harmonies) and part 2 (drones). This final part is dedicated to “rhythms” and “pulsations”, with a focus on rhythmic, pounding, looping & repetitive elements and structures.
With TJUKURRPA 3, TROUM shows a not so well known side, using the trance-power of repetitive textures. In every of the seven extensive tracks (playtime 66+ min) rhythms in various moods build the basis: from smooth ambience-pulsations over ritualistic surroundings up to ecstatic pounding harshness, from underneath & soft pulsative patterns up to evolving harsh & overwhelming rhythmic loops. The music on Tjukurrpa III is made by raw & processed loops & handplayed percussion, along with electric guitar & bass, balalaika, mouth organ, male & female human voice, flute, and accordeon. No samplers, synths or computers used.

1. Ignis Sacer (8:57)
2. Orphne (9:43)
3. Saiwala (9:24)
4. Wáian / Moys (10:12)
5. Reigen Taumelnder Geister (9:02)
6. Wheaio (9:03)
7. Airþeins (10:03)


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thanks for posting these, it's good to hear the music before buying the albums...

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