Hypochondriosis - When Green Becomes Purple album

>> Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is the first album of my new project "Hypochondriosis" and this is an internet release so it can't be bought anywhere. Also I haven't managed to get a website yet. The music is a mix of ambient, noise and experimental electronics, at least I'd say it is.

An interesting mixture of ambient and loud noise. Lots of synth sounds and static noise.


01. Intro (0:51)
02. God Of Weapons (2:30)
03. Abandoned Homes (6:44)
04. I Wish I Could Die More Often (3:16)
05. Keep Vomiting Christmas Lights (6:15)
06. Earth In Silo/Alien or Shit (2:05)
07. Times of Misery (5:28)
08. Last Moments Forever (4:42)

Download (deposit files).


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