The Hospitals - Hairdryer Peace

>> Monday, January 12, 2009

"So this isn’t so much fourteen songs played together fast as it’s fourteen tracks so relentlessly and colourfully inventive that it’s almost as if this thing we called noise music finally came of a piece; as if these undescended psyche fragments got pulled together by the sheer, swirling momentum of applied trauma and finally congealed into something smooth, consistent, and maybe even frickin’ balmy. As a sound map of a uniquely messed-up consciousness, it has the capacity to frighten and puzzle and maybe even mind-alter. More than anything, when (if) it’s over, Hairdryer Peace feels like it “works.” It’s a genuinely inspired take on the bedroom wigout."

A1 Hairdryer Peace (3:26)
A2 Getting Out Of Bed (1:48)
A3 Rules For Being Alive (3:04)
A4 Ape Lost (2:02)
A5 This Walls (2:33)
A6 Sour Hawa!!! (1:48)
A7 Smeared Thinking (1:51)
B1 Tears (2:13)
B2 Animals Act Natural (3:39)
B3 Me, Aleiling Fan (0:60)
B4 BPPV (2:24)
B5 Dream Damage (1:45)
B6 Scan The Floor For Food (1:52)
B7 Don't Die (1:12)




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