Wolf Eyes - Always Wrong

>> Thursday, December 31, 2009

[2009 / USA / Hospital Productions]

Always Wrong is a mantra of severity. Wolf Eyes has been scouring audiences across the globe with their acid drenched industrial noise and dub terror psychedelia, establishing themselves as the trailblazers of a genre and pioneers of the long-form noise tour. coming forth from the piles of tape loops and effects the bulk of tables reeling with electronics have been shed. This clarity never sacrifices intensity as paradoxically this is the most organic of the full lengths but also the harshest and most dissonant.

for some reason this release reminds me of early Swans...

1 Cellar 4:04
2 Living Stone 4:55
3 Broken Order 3:08
4 Pretending Alive 5:07
5 We All Hate You 4:54
6 Always Wrong 2:29
7 Droll/Cut The Dog 6:31




Synth Jerkshop - Amateur Cosmos

>> Saturday, December 19, 2009

Funny how I'm usually not that much in love with stuff that Wolf Eyes does but I do like the stuff that its members do outside wolf eyes. Synth Jerkshop is one of those things that I enjoy. It was a three piece group consisting of: Aaron Dilloway, John Olson, Mike Connelly and they released just this one full length and also appeared on some boxed set. As you might have guessed the album is composed out of synths.


1 Untitled 14:24
2 Untitled 22:14
3 Untitled 3:07
4 Untitled 5:58


Released in 2006 on American Tapes as CDr.


Burning Graveyard Lights - Burning Graveyard Lights

Fairly awesome release that involved several awesome people. The album itself isn't very noisy but it's heavy on the delay effect.

People that participated:


1 Untitled 13:33
2 Untitled 18:40


Released in 2006 by Gods of Tundra as CDr


Moke Grotton - Flesh Is Lunacy

The usual crunchy microphone + pedal noise we all love and adore. Not on label. D:


1 Untitled 10:50
2 Untitled 11:48
3 Untitled 9:48
4 Untitled 10:57



Tina Torture, two releases

Another old promo I got. Most of them are old but oh well. It's never late for love.

Tina Torture is a harsh noise project from Romania and he sent us one album and one split.

This would be the promo album and it does not fuck around from minute one it kicks in harsh noising all the way with porn samples moaning in the back. There are also drums from what I could recognize on most tracks but most tracks kinda drag on. The last track really saves the day. A lot harsher and far more fun from the rest of them. Tracks are untagged so I won't bother with tracklist.

Total running time is 19 minutes.


Tina Torture & Vulgar Disease

I'm not sure which one came first but I gotta say the sound on this one is far more refined and harsher. I'd recommend you get this one first if you want to check out this guy. It's kinda the same thing but done better. Vulgar Disease, don't know much about him/them. Sounds like digital noise to me, can't say I like that sort of thing when it's only just that. It's ok I guess. D:


01. Tina Torture - NoIsE # 005 (12:51)
02. Tina Torture - NoIsE # 006 (6:43)
03. Vulgar Disease - Gasoline´s Baptism II ( Benediction In Flames ) (13:08)
04. Vulgar Disease - Requiem Caníbal (6:10)



You can also get his stuff from here.


Taskmaster - Get Dead

Hungry for some lo-fi tape wall noise? Well here's your chance to wash down your hunger.


Side A (14:48)
Side B (14:53)


Released in 2007 on Rundownsun.


Bunch of Evenenigs

Here's a bunch of Evenings albums. I would usually do a separate post for each but I won't because I'm busy playing Icewind Dale.

Evenings does wall noise sort of thing. I'd start with Crypt Swellings.

Crypt Swellings - released in 2005 on Audiobot as CDr
Descending Coma - released in 2007 on Monorail Tresspassing as a tape
Empty Grail - released in 2008 on Tapeworm Tapes as a tape
Growing Isolation - released in 2009 on Fedora Corpse as LP vinyl
Loose Earth - released in 2007 on Ekhein as a tape
Mute Deviation - released in 2007 on Cut Hands as CDr
The Last Cranch - released in 2008 on Tapeworm Tapes as a tap
Waking Nausea - released in 2007 on Tapeworm Tapes as a tape


Josef Nadek - [zak]

Back to work and here's an forgotten promo I got in the 9th month. I just found it, unread. D:

Anyway, Josef Nadek is an noisy drone project from Austria. I don't get much of that type of things from Austria so it's a nice refreshment. Zak is a one track album that lasts about 27 minutes. The whole album goes by the same principle, guitar/cacophony fades in and then fades out accompanied by various cracking and glitching in the background. Not bad.





>> Thursday, December 17, 2009



Kylie Minoise & Grimalkin555 - Kill Baby Kill!

>> Monday, December 14, 2009

[UK | 2009 | Kovorox Sound]

Another excellent effort by Kylie Minoise coupled with a very impressive debut from Sarah Glass' Grimalkin555. To quote Kovorox's own description on this release: "14 TRACKS OF TERROR HURT AND SICK LOVE." - that couldn't be more true.

1 Grimalkin555 - One Of The Weaker Furies 1:36
2 Kylie Minoise - GROPEFEST SOCIETY! 1:29
3 Grimalkin555 - Zombie Food Court (slomo style) 7:54
4 Kylie Minoise - NATIONAL PERSPIRER! 3:01
5 Grimalkin555 - The Gift That Keeps On Giving 2:05
6 Kylie Minoise - SNOW CAP ON PINK MOUNTAIN! 3:16
7 Grimalkin555 - A Playdate With The Unholy 13 2:39
9 Grimalkin555 - Nightshade Infused Dancecard 1:34
10 Kylie Minoise - MUCH TO THE CROWDS DISTASTE 4:49
11 Grimalkin555 - Lactating Filth 3:31
12 Kylie Minoise - THE SLOW POISONERS! 1:30
13 Grimalkin555 - Shitkicking Deference 5:14
14 Kylie Minoise - ESP ORGY! 11:31

Chumba Wumba


AFX-Smojphace EP

>> Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Justice Yeldham

>> Sunday, December 6, 2009

"A writhing, contorting, nauseating, sensational screamingfuckingbloodymess, the 33-year-old Australian glassjaw who performs as Justice Yeldham And The Dynamic Ribbon Device has a show so visceral, so alive, that it can move a room full of the most jaded noisenrrds to gaping-mouthed wonderment. The pock-marked bloke born Lucas Abela, mischievously takes the stage of Denver avant-loft/noisenik playhouse Monkey Mania wearing a belt surrounded by distortion pedals and a single contact mic limply dangling from a wire. He squeezes a tube of KY Jelly all over his weathered mug and into his mouth. He clicks on the pedals and presses he face to a triangle of glass. Hideous black garglescuzz pours out of the speaker, each yelp, hum and fart matching his face’s disgusting rubbery contortions. The sounds are inhuman, but their patterns are most definitely familiar, a hyper-distorted screech-tantrum howling in bone-rattling harmonies, all set to the bittersweet aroma of warm lube. He leaps into the crowd, face twisted into apoplectic distortions, and begins seizuring. And here is where everyone starts flipping the fuck out. Abela gnaws on the glass like a lion gutting an antelope. Each sickly crack jettisons through the distortion pedals, blorts out the amp and is followed by the screams of shock, fear, joy and various combinations of the three. The glass comes smashing down on his face. He waits, panting, for the cheers and screams to die down. His cheek is oozing blood from a sharp red line. His earlobe is sliced open and spitting a steady stream down his neck onto his KY-soaked shirt."

Just about all of his recorded works, available at Free Music Archive

Physical Copies, and such...


Various - Therapy For The Insane - A 3 Session Program

[Austria | 2008 | System Breakdown Recordings]

Important Instructions:
1. The patient must be deprived of food for one week.
2. Therapy may be administered while the patient is sober or severely medicated.
3. Therapy should be administered at maximum volume.
4. Therapy must be performed in an empty room and in total darkness or extreme lighting.
5. The patient must be isolated for convulsions and violent behavior may occur.
6. The sessions must be administered as often as possible until the desired results are attained.

1. Tropical Painforest - I will survive the finale countdown
2. Tropical Painforest - Do you really want to have fun
3. Tropical Painforest - Sugar sugar guyver
4. Tropical Painforest - Rotes haar makes me cry like a baby
5. Tropical Painforest - Sweat dreams of the freshmaker
6. Tropical Painforest - Gaybusters siempre amore mr. walton
7. Religious Nightmare - Death march
8. Religious Nightmare - Born to race
9. Religious Nightmare - Religious nightmare
10. Religious Nightmare - Machine gun supremacy
11. Religious Nightmare - Untitled
12. Rosemary Malign - Burning
13. Rosemary Malign - Power
14. Rosemary Malign - Unclean
15. Rosemary Malign - The truth

Upped by some mysterious chap called Burning Witch


Slogun - Bloody Roots

[US | 2009 | Circle Of Shit/Trash Ritual]

It's finally here! I'm glad that people are finally gona stop asking for it. All that's left now is that New Era release ;D Tis limited to 500 copies.

1 Prove Me Right 2:44
2 Drunk 2:53
3 My Burden On You 2:57
4 Anniversaries 3:25
5 This Game I Play 3:16
6 Able Filth 5:52
7 Therapy 2:33
8 It Was - It Is 3:12
9 I Got 3:35
10 From Me To You 3:49
11 Blankets 3:24
12 On Purpose 2:17
13 Dirt 3:07

14 Period 2:19

Link removed on request.

You can buy this release at:



Brian Grainger/David Tagg - Pillbox A-G

>> Wednesday, December 2, 2009

[US | 2008 | Second Sun Recordings]

A retrospective box set compiling all twelve 3" CD-Rs from the 21MG Series in 2007. Box is handmade by David Tagg and can be ordered empty or complete with all 12 discs. The catalog ordering omits PILL-C1 and PILL-C2, as no such releases yet exist.

01.01 David Tagg - The History Of The Merchant Marines 20:46
02.01 Brian Grainger - In A Silver Marsh 20:47
03.01 David Tagg - Bell Island 20:48
04.01 Brian Grainger - Deserted Lifeboats 20:58
05.01 David Tagg - Song For Sabra 19:20
06.01 Brian Grainger - Raindrop Organ 20:28
07.01 David Tagg - Metal Box Requiem 20:58
08.01 Brian Grainger - One Four Nine 20:34
09.01 David Tagg - Fluorescence 20:55
10.01 Brian Grainger - Chrominance 20:55
11.01 David Tagg - White Opium 20:58
12.01 Brian Grainger - Milk Plus 20:56

Part One
Part Two
Part Three


[C. T. D.] - Hyper Power Mega Post

>> Friday, November 27, 2009

Megaupload this time! By request, i've also included links to each release's info and where to buy your own copy.

[C.T.D.]'s Myspace

2008 - First Harsh Work (Never Mind The Napalmed, Here's The [C. T. D.] Dedicated To MSBR):
Download Info Buy
2008 - Geräusch Des Dritten Reichs:
Download Info Buy
2008 - Neutron Star:
Download Info Buy
2008 - Remains Of Deconstruction:
Download Info Buy
2008 - Second Harsh Work (Power Electronics Breeder Reactor):
Download Info Buy
2008 - Virus C-9302:
Download Info Buy
2008 - We Dream Of Becoming Machines And Crushing Your Senses (w/Youth A.D. & Erekta):
Download Info Buy
2008 - When Humans Are Replaced By Machines:
Download Info Buy
2008 - Your Body... Our Prison:
Download Info Buy
2008 - [C. T. D.] / Ego Death (w/Ego Death):
Download Info Buy
2009 - Black Rust (w/Erekta):
Download Info
2009 - Chetniks! (w/Rubbish):
Download Info
2009 - Collapsing Mankind (w/Kenji Siratori):
Download Info Buy
2009 - Corrosion (vs. Pornhouse):
Download Info Buy
2009 - Fourth Harsh Work (Noise Stricken Metal Action):
Download Info Buy
2009 - Insanity Process Throught My Heart:
Download Info Buy
2009 - Mechanism:
Download Info Buy
2009 - Mechanism Of Destruction (w/Animal Machine):
Download Info Buy
2009 - New World Order=World War III:
Download Info Buy
2009 - Nuclear Sunset (w/Animal Machine):
Download Info
2009 - Orthorhombic Crystalline Phase:
Download Info Buy
2009 - Radiations (w/Fukte):
Download Info Buy
2009 - Rape Trauma Syndrome:
Download Info Buy
2009 - Rusted Under The Ice (w/Smrznik):
Download Info Buy
2009 - Split (w/GAAD):
Download Info Buy
2009 - Third Harsh Work (Cruel Science In Noisemax):
Download Info Buy
2009 - Tribute To Merzbirds:
Download Info Buy
2009 - Uncontrolled Nuclear Reactors:
Download Info Buy
2009 - Wind / Funeral Noise (w/Havoc1986):
Download Info Buy


Genocide Organ - Leichenlinie

>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Vinyl rip of the album from 1989. Old school industrial etc. You know what to expect. :3


A1 Ave Satani

A2 Mind Control

A3 Klaus Barbie

A4 Face Of Horror

A5 Come Orgasm

B1 Stalins Orgeln

B2 1... 2... Tot

B3 Negros In Sky-Wars

B4 Keiner Kommt Zurück


Released through Tesco Organization and De Fabriek in 1989 on vinyl.


Weak Sisters - Subterfuge

Excellent lo-fi harsh noise from Colorado. The B side is a bit disappointing though.


A1 Imperative As A Signal Of Dismissal

A2 Maybe Its Because You Are So Trite

A3 Hollywood St.

A4 The West Is It

B1 Desensitizing

B2 What Is Happening Now Has Already Been

B3 Loft Song


Released through Basement Tapes in 2006.


Werewolf Jerusalem - Short Night of the Butterflies

Surprisingly not that harsh as usual. First song is ambient~ish and others are less like that but still moody. There's also no cover to be found. D:


1 This Dark Room With No Windows 10:47
2 Glass Dolls 5:47
3 Paralyzed Witness 4:41
4 Blood Cocoon (Death Mimick) 7:36

No connection with Boris whatsoever.

Released through Deadline Recordings on Cdr in 2008.


Birchville Cat Motel & Opaque - Untitled

>> Tuesday, November 17, 2009

[UK | 2006 | Kovorox Sound]

You owe me +1 internet Marilyn.

1 Birchville Cat Motel - Let Comets Land Where They Will 20:06
2 Opaque - Their Voices Were Incoherent Smears 17:09

Meat Pie


Kylie Minoise / Orgasm Denial / Astro / Torturing Nurse - LCD TV Owner's Manual

>> Tuesday, November 10, 2009

[China | 2009 | Shasha Records]

4 way split for celebrating NOIShanghai XXVIII(28/08/09, Shanghai, CN), Limited to 54 copies.

1 Kylie Minoise - Skinhead Ironing Party
2 Orgasm Denial - Untitled
3 Astro - Feedback Conspiracy
4 Torturing Nurse - No Discussions Here Please



Thurston Moore/Kylie Minoise/Tusco Terror/Wether

[Greece | 2009 | Insult Recordings]

After a LONG wait it's finally here! And it's brillo-pads! :D

01 Thurston Moore - Noise Virgin
02 Kylie Minoise - CCTV Laceration
03 Kylie Minoise - Free Twisted Filth
04 Tusco Terror - I
05 Tusco Terror - II
06 Tusco Terror - III
07 Wether - Spirithenge

Download (320)


Birds Of Delay - Yee Decorum

>> Monday, November 9, 2009

[US | 2005 | American Tapes]

1 Ghost Light 11:33
2 Tortiose Waltz 20:03
3 Magic Bardn 21:00



Climax Denial - Dedicated To Piper Fawn

>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

A1 Dedicated To Piper Fawn Part 1 4:15
A2 Dedicated To Piper Fawn Part 2 5:04
B1 Dedicated To Piper Fawn Part 3 9:33


Pain Compilance Productions.


Timothy A.D.

1. Arrested Hope (7:28)
2. Failed to Impress (3:08)
3. Ripped to Shreds (10:54)
4. Accepting Defeat (3:11)
5. Rest (7:54)

Starting off with some very Stars of The Lid or "Imperial Horizon"-era KD, Arrested Hope lulls you into this record. It's subtle, and rather beautiful, and quite possibly my favourite track on the record. Failed to Impress is a percussive-led noise track that then leads you into the record's centrepiece, Ripped to Shreds, which is 11 minutes of abrasive, digital noise which benefits from a long time to grow and change. Briding the gap to the last track is Accepting Defeat, an electronic track that sounds like very restrained rage; high tones building as if it were that moment before explosion. The last and title track, Rest, is pure reverb ambience. Listen to it on headphones, as loud as they'll allow. This is a solid first effort here, with fantastic production values, a great sense of flow throughout the record, and rage, don't forget the rage. Recommended.



Grunt - Petturien Rooli

>> Saturday, November 7, 2009

[2009 / Finland / Freak Animal]

Fucking awesome new album from Grunt, a lot more atmospheric than the earlier work with even some rhythmic sections; incredibly well made, probably my favorite release in the genre this year!
Huge thanks to I.S. for this one!!!!!

1 Sota Ilman Pelisääntöjä 7:18
2 Raatteen Marssi 5:01
3 Kansanmurhan Kone 6:44
4 Vainoaja Lauma 6:18
5 Petturien Rooli 5:13
6 Piikkilangan Takana 15:34
7 Rotuhygienian Aikakausi 4:54
8 Pro Patria Et Lege 4:32
9 Valkoinen Voima 8:37



Boyd Rice And Friends - Baptism By Fire

>> Friday, November 6, 2009

[2004 / USA / NEROZ]

The tracks on the CD were recorded in Los Angeles, Calif., USA (2002), and Adelaide, Australia (2003).
The tracks on the DVD were recorded in Bologna, Italy (1999).

really nice live release, especially the dvd, great footage!

1 Total War
2 God And Beast
3 A Noi!
4 History Lesson
5 The Reign Song
6 World's Collide
7 Fire Shall Come
8 People

1 Alpha
2 Between Venus And Mars
3 Scorched Earth
4 Fire Shall Come
5 Everlasting Fire
6 Total War

CD: 320 / flac 1|2


Venetian Snare+Speed Ranch - Making Orange Things

Pretty ridiculous breakcore, noise, and power electronics album by Venetian Snares and Speed Ranch. The last track is an instrumental cover of Stairway to Heaven made entirely of a screaming sample. I think everyone will enjoy something here.
1.FIre Beats
2.We Hate Russell
3.Pay Me For Sex
5.Unborn Baby
6.Meta Abuse
7.Molly's Reach Around
8.Russell Hates This Track
9.Viva Las Vegas
10.Tushe Love
11.Halfway Up the Stairway of Mucus


Where is This - In the Privacy of Your Own Home

>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So, some shameless self-promotion.

I've made an album under the name Where is This and set up a little label to release it through, the release date of which is Monday! The music fits in here, so I thought I'd post, and I hope none of the authors mind.

A brief description of some of the album:
"Fucked drum samples, psychotic cut-up piano, microphone feedback noise and a lo-fi style mixed with high production values permeate this release. Notable tracks include Reprise at the Betty Ford, the catchiest song on the record - which is no mean feat considering it's full of bass rumbles and loops, Flight to Retie C Open Not which is reminiscent of Chris Carter's solo album 'The Space Between', the improv rock of Ecstasy (Kink) and the high pitched, industrial noise squall of In the Privacy of Your Own Home."

There are 33 copies pro-duplicated onto some lovely red c40 cassettes. Each copy comes with a home-burned cdr of the album for quick and easy mp3/internet/frisbee dispersal. Privacy is 6EUR and postage is 2EUR worldwide, so get in quick if you want a copy.

Of course, you haven't heard the music yet. Well, it's not all-out noise (although the next release is much harsher, louder and dronier - more on that later) and has elements of industrial, ambient, noise rock, and there's even some "music" on there. Let's just call it 'experimental'. Understandably, considering it's TNA, I've uploaded the two noisest track for you to listen to: You Call That Romantic? with it's microphone feedback screee and A Waste of Your Time and Mine is an abrasive, whoosy, noisy mess. Also included is Flight to Retie C Open Not which is a synth based fuzznoise track.

I rather do hate reviewing stuff I've made. Anyway, I'll let you make up your own minds.

Download Sampler

There's also a music video that I made for the closing track which is on YouTube and finally all of the information about the release/ordering/etc. you'll ever need is here.

Once again, apologies for the shameless self-promotion and I hope ye dig the tracks.


Sissy Spacek-Sissors

>> Thursday, October 22, 2009


1. Cobra Heart And Rainbow Pic
2. Please Don't Sleep While We Explain
3. Hair Control
4. Incredible Fluorescent Ghost Hulk


Kylie Minoise - Abnormals Anonymous

>> Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[US | 2008 | 905 Tapes]

A Undertaker Bribe
B Rudimentary Eye Surgery Conference



Kylie Minoise/Suburbia Melting split

>> Monday, October 19, 2009

[US | 2007 | Trench Knifed]

Released on C30, Limited to 25 handnumbered copies.

A Kylie Minoise - Crushing This Meat Rack
B1 Suburbia Melting - Intro
B2 Suburbia Melting - Pinky Swear
B3 Suburbia Melting - Train At Midnight

Mediafire (Boooooo!) Uploaded by Blasted
Rapidshare (Yayyyyy!)


Barn Owl - From Our Mouths A Perpetual Light [CD version]

[USA / 2008-2009 / Digitalis Recordings]

"This Barn Owl is as ancient as the Gods themselves, as vital as the heroes who ape them and bait them, and as fertile as the Muses from whom they dine and sup." says Julian Cope and who am I to disagree?

1 Voice Of The Other 5:03
2 Lotus Cloud 5:03
3 The Stones Speak Through The Fire 1:51
4 The White Mountain Filled With Light 3:44
5 Road To Bardo 4:25
6 The Last Parade 5:01
7 Mouths Of Light 3:09
8 Teonanacatl 7:01
9 Floating Oni* 4:02
10 Oakland Invokation* 10:41

v0 / flac 1|2


Organized Resistance - Day Of The Rope

>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[USA / 2005 / Freak Animal Records]

Awesome power electronics from the US with hard-hitting lyrics that make the music all the more extreme; love it or hate it!
Since it seems this is oop from the label I scanned the release...

1 Revolution 0:11
2 Zombies 2:38
3 Tool Of Communication 4:15
4 What Will You Do 2:34
5 Where Do You Stand 3:32
6 Defiled 5:03
7 Setting The Stage 3:43
8 Separation & Disposal 3:09
9 Tools Of Communication Pt.2 3:25
10 Everybody 1:13
11 Day Of The Rope 4:15

320kbps / flac 1|2


Vargr - the Maria Orsic Trilogy‏

>> Friday, October 9, 2009

And lastly for tonight here's something special. Vargr (along some other ones) is a side project of Nordvargr. I'm sure most people who are a little more into ambient know how Nordvargr sounds. Well Vargr sounds nothing like that. :D First few Vargr releases were noisy black metal but this time around it is direct harsh noise which means it's perfect for our little blog. Henrik offered three of his releases to us so we can publish them, exclusively which made me very happy fufu. They are all out of print though so you can't buy them.

So how does this sound? Well basically the three releases work as a trilogy. They are all somewhat connected in terms of sound. Personally I like the third one the most and I think it's the loudest and the most crushing one. The sound can be best compared to as something like Incapacitants or MSBR but of course not an complete clone of their works. In any case be sure to check them all out if you like harsh noise.

They are:

Orsic descending

01. Vril-1 (19:15)
02. Haunebu-1 (15:32)
03. Nordland Power Ritual (9:37)
Ave Maria

01. Vril-2 Zerstörer (12:18)
02. Not all good comes from above (20:03)
03. Luminiferous aether (14:05)

01. Aufbruch nach Aldebaran (19:39)
02. Doppelsignet (19:16)
03. First transmission from A (8:27)
04. All is good at the arrival (4:25)

Get them all three on megaupload.


Oscillating Innards - Noiseomness Atmospherics

Speaking of Oscillating Innards, here's some more of his lovely harsh noise sauce. Also released in 2003 and from that weird label I mentioned below. And no fucking cover again! I'm running out of anime pics dammit!


Sigh Rate / Sigh Volume

Eros / Erosive

Bottled Tokenism / Wheelchair Kid

Equivocation / Pete's Tumbleweed Story

DMT Labor / Atmospherics

Imitating A Pirate Flag / Monobrachius Burden

Peer Pressure Modalities / Brevis

Jon Takes The Friendster Path / Saprogenic Textile

Beach Piano / Authentic Cadence

The Harmonies Of Psilocin And Nostalgia



Oscillating Innards - Kakorraphiapathic

It's been a while since we last oscillated our innards. So here's your chance to make your innards move like it's the baptism of Christ all over again with this somewhat new release! Personally I think this release is a bit different from his usual works. Usually his way of doing things is the American way of pedaling noise. Yeah it's like that here as well but somehow it's different. The sounds are more cut up and there's more exploration in constructs, if that makes any sense.

Anyway, didn't find the cover so I posted something completely unrelated.

Wet 1:02
Fabric Mussel 0:50
Impercipient Atmos 3:05
Glottal Stops 1:29
Noisomeness From Sleeping Under Lines 2:42
Blind Staggers 2:03
Will's Cat Died 2:33
Nostorapan Pale 0:55
Autolysis 0:47
Seizure Oil 5:24
Stridulat 1:02
Pats You On The Back And Demands Coffee 1:57
Power Electronics Embroidered Sweaters For Sale 1:05
Fisherman's Mescalin 1:13
Golf Humor 1:15
Paxil Eater 2:17


Released by Huff Raid Robot in 2003 on CD-r.


Javihyev. - two releases

Javihyev. or JVHV is a personal feedback project of Dylan LoTufo from USA (Tennessee more accurately). It's dedicated in bending and destroying sound with whatever equipment that is around. He sent us two of his releases.

Tennessee sounds kinda like - "tennis", tenisss, tennnnnnnnniiiiisssss O)))))... whoops I'm going a bit off topic.

we are those who burn the sky

First what I'd like to point out is that both recordings are lo-fi in nature which might be a turn off for some people and turn on for some other people. The album starts off with a guitar (I think) feedback and this particular feedback evolves and evolves through the track. It gets louder/softer at times and switches frequencies. That's the most objective description of the track I can give you. Other songs are in similar nature. It's sounds good at the beginning but kinda drags on and on which ruins the pleasure of listening a bit. Overall I liked the concept and the idea of the album but it kinda lacked in realization. If it were a bit shorter it would be also better, imho.


01. the death of the tesla children. (9:39)
02. the ethereal slaughter of the yagua. (11:51)
03. dance to save the unborn legions. (8:57)
04. deadly apache drawl (4:06)
05. traverse through the desert valley of sandstone hands (6:59)
06. the anthem of the surviving scalped. (17:27)
07. Live at Godeagle Roost (8:19)
08. forgotten clay idol heartbeat. (6:05)


Lambsin II

I liked this one better. If that means anything. :P This time around the sound is more guitar driven. Sounds are more complex in nature and the overall sound is more detailed (pretentious-o-meter is going to explode if I keep writing like this). There are riffs here which is something that we don't like here. Because we are into noise. But I'll let it slide because I'm a little drunk so what the hell. Anyway, it's still lo fi and with pretty much limited equipment so there's not much for experimentation but overall I think it sounds ok


01. a calmer man. (18:22)
02. as i fall. (20:34)


You can check Javihyev.-s blog here for more info and whatever that comes along with it.


Nkondi - Europaeuropa

BAM! Right in the pooper!

Oh; wrong blog.

Yeah, anyway. Noise. :D


Spreadthebeautyplague 10:18
Erotomania 7:41
Filamentinstrata 11:51
Neonalreadycoldanddead 7:20




Nkondi - Darkbathroomsandauralamplificators

No cover. :<

Someone requested some more Nkondi, so yeah, here you go.









Also from the same label as before. Check it here.


XVP/The Sleep Sessions - Split

Here's a new split sent to us by our long time friend from Sleep Sessions. It was released this year on cassette tape. Both sides are crunchy harsh noise. Personally I enjoyed Sleep Sessions side much more. It's far more louder and intense. XVP side is more minimalist in nature and is dealing mostly in resonating and oscillation.


01. The Sleep Sessions - Gastromancy (7:45)
02. The Sleep Sessions - A Perfect Misunderstanding (5:12)
03. The Sleep Sessions - She's Dripping (6:14)
04. XVP - Various Puzzles/Flying Elements (20:00)


You can get the tape from here. Limited to 40 copies.


Figure P20.17 - Now Is No Time For Making Enemies

Figure P20.17 is a harsh noise/ ambient project from USA made mostly out of vocal samples and a mixing board. How does it sound? Well I have some mixed feelings about it. The first track is actually pretty great. I like the idea and has this sort of industrial feel to it. The second track which is noise is so, so. It's digitaly made (or so I think?) so I didn't enjoy it as much as I did the first one. The last and the longest one is sadly the least interesting. It's a repeated looping and overlaying of a high pitched, 6 minute long drone piece I made, and having all the layers of slightly different pitched feedback on top of each other almost reminds me of tibetan singing bowls or crystal glasses. Minimalistic noise. Since I'm having some medical issues with my ears I didn't listen to the whole track because of that but from what managed to listen it's highly pitched noise for most of the time. More stuff like the first track would be great in the future. :P


01. Chthonic (4:26)
02. Sodom (2:26)
03. Salo (25:28)


You can check his label here for cassettes.


Kiyoshi Mizutani - Yokosawa-Iri

>> Thursday, October 8, 2009

[New Zealand | 2002 | CMR]

1 Woods In The Wind 8:11
2 Japanese White Eye 4:02
3 Dropping Male Flower 6:42
4 Money Offering Box At A Shrine, Electric Saw 3:19
5 Field (Rice Terrace) In Rain 4:29
6 Small Pond 4:50
7 Temple's Gong, Japanese Green Pigeon 4:12
8 Field (Rice Terrace) In Rain 3:41
9 Schlegel's Green Tree Frog 4:29
10 Siberian Meadow Bunting 3:15
11 Fall Of Rocks, Streams 9:00
12 Knock Of Rocks 6:20



Bizarre Uproar - Likainen Ehtoollinen

>> Wednesday, October 7, 2009

[Finland | 2008 | Filth And Violence]

Limited to 130.

01 Side A
02 Side B



Kiyoshi Mizutani - Works 1989-1991

Small pic is better than no pic :)

[US | 1999 | Povertech Industries]

1 - 3 From "The Same Thing Makes Always Her Laugh" LP (ZSF Produkt) 4 From "Cemetery" Cassette (Ulcer House) 5 From "Exfoliation" Cassette (SFCR) 6 From "Actual Infinity" Cassette (Ulcer House)

1 Cross Off 9:00
2 Guitars On M.T.L. 11:42
3 Character Assassination 24:02
4 Cemetery 8:17
5 Exfoliation 8:12
6 Variation 1 11:03



Kylie Minoise & Filthy Turd - Untitled

>> Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[UK | 2006 | Voltagestress*r]

1 Kylie Minoise - Live Aktion 33 Broken Noise Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark 3:52
2 Kylie Minoise - Live Aktion 27 Scsi Morlock, Den Haag, The Netherlands 4:32
3 Kylie Minoise - Live Aktion 37 Mathilda Social Center, Sheffield, England 4:30
4 Kylie Minoise - Live Aktion 34 Scherer 8, Berlin, Germany 3:19
5 Filthy Turd - Riding Wild Women Through An Acre Of Piss 31:19



Gomikawa Fumio-The Return of Gomikawa Fumio

>> Sunday, October 4, 2009

Incapacitants and Painjerk Collaboration. It's real good.

1. Mixed Human Franken Jam(9:31)
2. Howling Wolves Scream For More(21:02)
3. Satan's Tail, Santa's Head(2:00)
4. Amps for Nonsense(13:34)