Storm of Capricorn / Paranoia Inducta - Jama

>> Tuesday, December 9, 2008

[France / Poland / 2006 / Beast of Prey]

Excellent split release by these two new acts, Storm of Capricorn performing some nice dark industrialized ambient, a bit different from their debut & Paranoia Inducta doing some really excellent martial industrial over chants and very folky compositions.
The interesting part of the release, at least to me, is the theme; Jama is an important work of Croatian literacy and is one of the few things I enjoyed learning back in high school, a very brutal, realistic and incredibly powerful poem about violence in war; I strongly suggest reading it, even though the translation loses some of the power it’s still a timeless work that deservers everyone’s attention. [Jama in english]

1. Storm Of Capricorn - Jama - Like The Lights Of Zion (5:15)
2. Paranoia Inducta - Recollections (5:40)
3. Storm Of Capricorn - Jama - And Through The Wire (4:58)
4. Paranoia Inducta - Scars (9:41)
5. Storm Of Capricorn - Jama - Devoid Of Any Shade (6:32)
6. Paranoia Inducta - Wounds (6:04)
7. Storm Of Capricorn - Jama - Only Oaths And Bawdy Yells (4:27)




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