Solarkult - Postapokalypsis 2.0 : Reworked

>> Wednesday, December 24, 2008

So we have a fine opportunity of promoting Solarkults very first album. He released it on December 3. this year which means I'm a little behind the schedule but at least I did not fail any exams. xD

Solarkult is an dark/industrial project from Belgium and the first release is promising. Sure there are some mishaps here and there but I'm sure there will be plenty of more releases in the future. The tracks vary. Some can be very noisy and hectic while some are rather calm. The constant in most is the thick layer of guitars in the background which gives it a nice feeling with electronic sounds mixed in it.


01. Hypnotising process (4:39)
02. Heart in torment (16:04)
03. Solarkult (5:50)
04. Nachtmahr (11:40)
05. L'écho du violon (14:55)
06. 06. Convulsions (4:23)
07. Ewiger Schmerz (5:55)



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