(((O))) / MASCAREE - Split

>> Monday, December 1, 2008

Latest release from our friend (((O))). The info I got in the mail was written in a mysterious language which I (believe it or not) can not understand! But anyway, on with the more important stuff. (((O)))s music has been posted several times here already so I won't explain much, I'll only mention that it's not the usual stuff this time it's more noisy and without guitars. Don't know if this is an definite decision for the future but oh well, I like it this way too. Both sides play minimalist dark ambient, tracklist is a bit fucked up but nothing you can't handle.


01. (((O))) - Una cancion para un bello suicidio (5:11)
02. (((O))) - Humo (6:27)
03. MASCARĆ - Campo magnético positivo (11:12)
04. (((O))) - Circulo sagrado (5:58)
05. MASCARĆ - Repulsión (7:02)
06. (((O))) - Pesadilla (9:46)
07. MASCARĆ - Campo magnético negativo (6:00)



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