Nyodene D - True Appalachian Black Noise

>> Monday, December 15, 2008

From the artists own words:

This is an album of harsh noise and power electronics that draws on ritual dark ambient and black metal for influences. The music was made using synthesizers, effects pedals, contact microphones and whatever pieces of scrap metal I could obtain.

It's an album about the grim reality of living in an area so economically destitute and the rich tradition of occultism and brutality that has come to be associated with life in Appalachia and the Midwestern Rust Belt.Themes deal with insanity, religion, the supernatural and serial murder.

It's really good, definitely check this one out.

Track Listing:

01. Rite of Expiation
02. Screaming Into The Void
03. Rusted Grave
04. Forest Catacomb
05. Red Blood on White Walls
06. The Abyss Stares Back

Cover art is by Jimmy Kisor.



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