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Interlard create a loud unpleasant repetitive cacophony that very few people would admit to enjoying, and fewer still really do.

Interlard’s main influences are: street noise, garden machinery, detuned radios and playing multiple sounds simultaneously.

They unify these by saturating them in layers of distorted squall, hypnotic/annoying badly synched, voodooesque drum beats and then more layers of distorted squall. Indecipherable, barely human, voices are trampled, scraped up and then buried by a dense barrage of low-end filth, and then this is repeated end on end like some kind of autistic ritual until it no longer resembles what it hardly resembled in the first place.

Infamously reclusive, Interlard exist, primarily, ensconced in a damp, windowless, subterranean room in a industrial suburb of Birmingham UK. They seldom play live only having been coaxed out into a public setting once, for the very same reasons that they remain a 2-piece band: Partly due to sociopathic tendencies, partly from an apathy borne of isolation and an inability to network.

Variously described as “Very dirt sizzle” and “Boring shit noise” and “Lo-fi noise on a stick. Endless fun. Turn it up or take something.”

Would suit fans of: Shit and Shine, Sightings, The Goslings, To Live and Shave in LA, Mouthus, Burmese, Drunks With Guns...

Interlard have two albums for free download

Sticky (2008)

01. Cheese Whip (11:09)
02. Crawlspace (2:49)
03. Jutland (7:25)
04. Our Archie (8:55)
05. Consume Within 9 Days (3:20)
06. Ass to Mouth Resuscitation (10:45)
07. collagen (4:14)
08. Song of the Sirens (3:24)


Brown (2007)

01. Amputee Landlord (6:31)
02. Only So Much (2:22)
03. No Really, I'm Interested (10:38)
04. Chlorine (4:10)
05. Mis (5:01)
06. Holes (12:02)
07. Output (2:39)



Roger Camden December 24, 2008 at 6:07 PM  

Interlard comes highly recommended.

Very listenable noise.

May not seem like a compliment (it is), but it is a huge distinction.

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