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>> Thursday, November 20, 2008

THIRD I started by the end of 2005. They bring you industrial, dark ambient, (harsh) noise, dark electro, experimental, ambient, drone, low-fi sounds... They are constantly working on their new stuff and they have few demos waiting to be released. THIRD I is open for split releases or any kind of colaboration and direct communication with noisy / experimental / harsh / noisecore / grind / power-electronics / industrial bands, labels, distro, radio shows, zines… Labels contact them if you are interested in releasing any of their works in any format (CD(r), vinyl, tape, DVD, net release etc). Sadly I haven't listened to eveything yet but what I heard I liked. Collab with Erekta is my favorite among these. Also, I didn't have to download and upload everything on mediafire so you'll haft to wait a bit before I get it all up untill then you can get it from

2008. Collaboration with Erekta. Two tracks of weird epic industrial noise hypnotic inner search. Release comes with a comic. Released by No Bottom Records (,

2008. Reflections of Internal Pain EP. THIRD I give you what they like to call "Emo - Wuss - Whinning - Dark Ambient - Noise".

2008 Horror Audio Drama. Concept is based on “Adjama” stories. “Adjama” is entity that lives arround “Morava” river, swamps and forests. The story says that from time to time “Adjama” comes to town and feeds with fear and human emotions. Listen this album in the dark, turn the light on and start counting gray hair. Released by Zvukovina (

2008.This is our Post Postapocalypse. This album follows apocalypse we survived on "When Tomorrow Hits" album. Theese tracks were also released at 3way split /look below/. Released by numerous net labels.

2008. 3way split "Ko ne plati na mostu platiće na Ćupriji" or "Bad Seed of Cuprija noise scene". Split with friends (Endless Conflict, Oil) from our hometown. Released by Zvukovina (

2007. Live at Third I Theatre, Collaboration with Oyed. Two tracks and half an hour of industrial drone noise. Released by numerous net labels.

2007. Noise Poetry. Multimedial release. First harsh experimenting. Bonus video. Released by Zvukovina (

2007. Split with The Apex, The Harmony of... Release with interesting concept. Third I and TATHO made two original tracks each and then they covered eachother, so the result is this 8 track cd. Released by Smell the Stench

2007. Split with Mein Kinder. Half an hour of industrial noise and pure noisescapes. Released by Smell the Stench.

2007. When Tomorrow Hits - LP. 27 minutes of postapocalyptic dark ambient industrial noise. Release is multimedial and contains awarded comic “Paradox”. Released by Smell the Stench.

2006. Trinity – single. 11 minutes od industrial dub, dark ambient, industrial. Released by Smell the Stench.

2005. Echoes – EP 11 minutes of pleasant ambiental soundscapes. Self release, rereleased in 2007. by Abdicate Cell.



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