Half Makeshift - Omen

>> Tuesday, November 4, 2008

[USA / 2008 / Profound Lore Records]

Working as one 50+ minute track, but separated into four parts, “Omen” (mastered beautifully by JAMES PLOTKIN) subtly shifts through different emotions and feelings that create a general overall mood for the entire picture; a mood that can be quite soothing and comforting, yet at the same time virulent and uneasy, and ultimately eerie and chilling. Through incredible use of melody via light guitar strums and guitar ambience, melded with waves of static bursts, ivory key tappings that create the build-up that will inevitably come in the form of massive drone rumblings, “Omen” is an observation within such a genre that will bring more awareness to the wonder that is (the now defunct) Half Makeshift.

I 15:27
II 12:12
III 11:01
IV 12:11




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I'm DLing this anyway, but what?

That myspace blog was lunacy.

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