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>> Sunday, November 30, 2008

Gorrión de Miga Records is an recently born Argentinian Netlabel. Judging by the albums which I got most of the bands have a space oriented theme. They all sound hm, pulsating I guess would be an proper use of phrase. Anyway, on with the albums!

Archive links but all albums are just one link so it should not be much trouble to upload it.

Uskuf Alagönia - Wöl Höraku
The first track is a bit weird, possibly the only track I didn't like on this album. The rest are rather good but the last track is excellent and it lasts 11 minutes which is great. It sound like an abandoned space ship somewhere in the middle of space, really gives that special atmosphere. An distorted guitar travels thorough the whole album which can sometimes get a bit out of control and sometimes even annoying but in some places it fits really great.


01. Kötsadatasäpunata (5:57)
02. Apörinix (5:57)
03. Sömnux (5:56)
04. Ciyösseata (8:01)
05. Hösum (3:32)
06. Köwaiapisina Winöfköra (13:40)
07. Apaacix Haia Sa Waia Töxy (11:35)

Archives link.

Kalix Necralia - El Ensueño del Ciclope Subglacial

Hm well the description I got for this album was Polar Ambient - Noise. I always find it funny when artists try to invent unnecessary genres... Anyway, composed of long and brooding tracks this project tries to drive us into this post-apocalyptic world which is now frozen and relatively noisy. :D


01. Carpóstodo Ascendente (10:38)
02. La Llegada De Los Ángeles (11:48)
03. El Ensueńo del Cíclope Su (13:34)
04. Un Llanto En Los Confines (3:32)
05. Los Heraldos Del Eon De H (15:44)

Archives link.


And lastly we have two albums from eRG. eRG is some kind of weird electronics and noise. Perhaps a bit too random at some points but there are interesting parts on both albums. Other then that it's an nice noisy trip with sound clips from old horror alien movies.

Dimensiones Emitivas


01. Dimensiones Emitivas Volu (31:06)

Archive link.

The Mistery of the Dead Stars


01. The Mistery Of The Dead Stars - Revolutions In The Void (11:41)
02. The Mistery Of The Dead Stars - The Creature That We Made (6:35)
03. The Mistery Of The Dead Stars - The Silence Will Come For Us (6:15)
04. Astros En Desintegración (5:35)
05. El Curso De La Goleta Aerostática (8:37)
06. El Último Sobreviviente De Los Templos Suspendidos (12:15)

Archives link.

Also, their homepage can be found here. The design is very pretty.


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