Black Seas of Infinity - Invokation

>> Sunday, November 9, 2008

[USA / 2008 / Death Posture Ritualis / lim.100]

First live album by probably the best ritualistic dark ambient act today, recorded live in Salt Lake City last year, this live performance contains two tracks, probably my favorite BSoI sogns; The performance sounds so fucking powerful, there are vocals used, although it would be better to say invocations, dark ritualistic music at it’s best. I can only imagine how incredible the visual part of the show was.
This is released by the excellent Death Posture Ritualis label, everything is handmade, three versions exist all come in DVD packaging, one with a consecrated bone talisman, one with a consecrated red stone and the regular edition not containing either, needless to say, a joy to own! Get this NOW!!!!

1. As the Pythoness Strokes the Lovely Sword / Ajasram Abhichara 29:45




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