The Sleep Sessions/Michelada - Damn Noisy Kids!!!

>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great harsh noise stuff. Basically its just two songs but the Sleep Sessions stuff is split up into 4 parts. I like the Sleep Sessions more because it has more variety the Michelada side does not have a lot of variations which I (snob) enjoy hearing in harsh noise. Nevertheless the split is still great and definitely worth hearing. Limited to 30 copies, released on Le Pendu Records.

1. The Sleep Sessions Hunting The Sun (5:00)
2. The Sleep Sessions Surreal Visitors (5:00)
3. The Sleep Sessions 4 A.M. (Channeling) (5:00)
4. The Sleep Sessions Ground Trap (5:02)
5. Michelada Your Mother's Cunt Tastes Like Your Grandmother's Ass (16:50)



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