H5N1 - Ovaj Demo Je Zaražen

>> Sunday, October 12, 2008

So a long time ago back in the first grade of high school me and some friends decided to form a band. The name we eventually picked after several hours of insulting and degrading each other was H5N1 because at that time the virus was popular and everyone was talking about it. So after the name we started to write lyrics. Me and Zmaj wrote a huge pile of lyrics for the band and the theme of lyrics; varied; a lot. Now that I look at it most songs were actually dadaist. We would just write whatever came to our mind and we invented a heap of pointlessly complex words that mean nothing. Anyway, time went on we were ready to have a rehearsal. The line up was something like this:

Sova - the guy responsible for recording
Roda - that would be me haha, I was on the guitar and amazing drum skillz on bonus songs
Tetrijeb - vocals/guitar and the main star of the night he now runs Cephalochromoscope :D
Golub - drums on most tracks
Kolibrić - flute and vocals on track 6.

High on morale and enthusiastic we marched into this cramped rehearsal room that was falling apart. Besides the lyrics everything else was improvised, riffs were thought out in a matter of minutes or seconds and the track length was never discussed. "Just play" was the main slogan and the resulting sound wasn't really what we expected but it was very fun and at the same time frustrating but overall it was a really great time. We had 3 rehearsals and then we decided that we should never play again and all that is left is this cd of collected songs. I decided to share this with you because practically what we did was non intentional noisecore or something along those lines. D:


01. Intro (0:02)
02. Pazi Puma (0:40)
03. Crijevosurf (1:10)
04. Atmosferična Pjesma Bez Imena (0:30)
05. Ubit Ču Te S Naopakim Crijevima (0:45)
06. Spinčići (0:33)
07. Htio Sam Crijevo (0:52)
08. Špricanje Krvi (0:32)
09. Čaj Od Kamilice (0:33)
10. Mrtve Ptice (0:26)
11. Outro (0:12)
12. Bonus - Twist & Shout (0:42)
13. Bonus - Wish You Were Here (0:23)


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