Acid Attack & Fuck, The Retarded Girl - Split

>> Sunday, October 26, 2008

Latest release from Mr. Anticque Records! I already posted something from Fuck, The Retarded girl before and the sound on this split is equally awesome as is on Abuse album, perhaps a bit better in terms of sound variations (but that's a matter of taste). Acid Attack is an very interesting mixture of noisy ambient which starts very calm and dreamy with sound clips from Jesus Camp which fitted very good. Later on it gradually progresses to much more harsh sound.


01. Acid Attack Intro (2:29)
02. Acid Attack Warfare Under No Other Means (4:14)
03. Acid Attack The Nausea (3:50)
04. Fuck, The Retarded Girl Undulating (10:22)
05. Fuck, The Retarded Girl Hook Me Up (2:59)
06. Fuck, The Retarded Girl Meat Puppet (5:00)
07. Fuck, The Retarded Girl It Is Behaviour Of The Most Improper Kind (2:50)


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Mr. Anticque Records
Acid Attack
Fuck, The Retarded Girl


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