Machinesaw - Abomination of Flesh

>> Sunday, September 14, 2008

Machinesaw is a two-piece industrial noise band originating from Skopje, Macedonia. Both members (Damien Krsteski & Bojan Nikolov) have strong interests in modern technology & it's influence on human behavior. By the end of 2007 they decided to begin a project consisting of complex raw music which would openly challenge the inability of the biological human mind to process such information. In other words, music for machines. To produce such devastating aural disharmony they've used diverse instruments including guitar, percussions, piano, distorted vocals & computers themselves. Both band members have drawn their inspiration from other noise & metal musicians, Dadaist art, and of course science.

This is their EP released not so long ago and they were kind enough to send it to us so we can post it. Very good stuff I like it a lot, and can't wait to hear the next release. This one is rather short it lasts about 20 minutes.


01. Fabrikwerk (2:09)
02. Beware the Insects (2:17)
03. Eight (4:51)
04. Abomination of Flesh (3:26)
05. Broken Circuit (2:21)
06. Reverse Psychology (4:45)



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