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>> Sunday, September 14, 2008

7 Point Records is a little CD-R label that a few friends have put together to release their own experimental music. It goes from the extremely harsh all the way to the extremely beautiful. They do this as a way to get their music out and to present themselves and their friends with something that is a product of their creation. The label was established about 15 years ago between extremely young music enthusiasts after we found out that Throbbing Gristle had done so. It started out as a cassette label and now we make CD-Rs and even put our stuff up on iTunes. They were very kind to send some of their releases for you folks to check out.

Exclusion Zone - Artifacts and Anomalies

This one is my favorite so I'm posting this first. An album based on the movie and game Stalker. Not very noisy but more structured sounds and ambient passages. They really managed to create this atmosphere of post-apocalyptic world of Chernobyl that I love so much. Great album you should definitely get this one.


01. Control Room (4:31)
02. Shadows Close To The Ground (7:38)
03. Cherenkov Blue (6:25)
04. Megaohm (5:12)
05. The Latitude (4:33)
06. Photographia-Biorobots (9:27)
07. Zarasa (5:40)
08. Flower of Ruin (7:50)
09. Don't Come Back If You Are Not Sure (4:37)
10. Try To Make It (5:31)
11. Invisible Border (12:34)


Scab Sand Witch - Spiritual Apartheid

This one is much more noisy then the previous one. There's a lot of stuff mixed in, some noise, some industrial and some weirdness and also some structured techno(?) parts. Interesting variations between sounds.


01. Control (3:27)
02. Warlokzz of Yog (4:30)
03. Fallen Angel's Lament (6:02)
04. Stuff For My Stuff (2:33)
05. Heaven Bleeds Freely (6:07)
06. The Rebellion of Ornias (5:10)
07. Beauty Slowly Decays (6:04)
08. Unborn Gore (6:02)
09. Disaster (4:18)
10. The F-Train (17:42)


Scab Sand Witch - Ape Under The Cape

Another SSW release. This one is much more noisy but also varies in terms of sound some songs are much more relaxing and some are completely crazy. Some weird screams following through the album which kinda reminds me of early power electronics. Judging by the production sound I guess this one is a tape from a long time ago.


01. Seisure Salad (6:54)
02. Tyrannosaurus Sex (6:58)
03. No Grapes (8:11)
04. Night Of The Living Selena (5:12)
05. Blood Stained Babies (2:54)
06. B67 (3:20)
07. Behold A Black Pool On The Horizon (2:38)
08. Corpse Frost (11:27)
09. Casey (7:51)
10. Thunderhead (8:01)


Heretical Diaries #1

And lastly, this compilation gives an nice overview of music that you can find on 7 Point Records.

01. Scab Sand Witch - Untitled (live) (8:01)
02. Kosmodrome - Tunguska (7:42)
03. Wraithers - Gasoline Dress (3:17)
04. Ghost Hunter - Stab The Sun (2:27)


Of course if you enjoy these releases you can also buy them from their website which is here.


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