Twilight Luggage Label

>> Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Twilight Luggage is a small label that is operating from Bergen, Norway dedicated to noise, experimental, improv and drone music. Most of their releases are either free MP3 albums, or extremely limited CD-R releases in nice packagings. They welcome demos so if you are looking for someone to release your stuff you can contact them.

They host themselves so you don't need to bother with rapidshare and similar crap which I like very much!

List of albums:

Lupus Golem - "Minotaure EP"

Gróhvrascht - "Zimrenooord"

Continental Fruit - "Gently Carved Into Sound"

Kallsup - "Above The Mountains"

Torstein Wjiik - "Foggy Forest"

KRAFFT - "Decomposing"

Andreas Brandal - "The Dead Station"


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