Merzbow - F.I.D.

>> Thursday, August 14, 2008

F.I.D. recalls a much earlier period of Merzbow, when his noise excursions were produced on analogue equipment and before he co-opted digitial recording techniques for his noise composition. Don't bother with his frequent collaboration that appear with increasing regularity as F.I.D. is a furious piece of work and a thrilling reminder of his harsh noise output. And meat eaters can placate their conscience as the kindly Vegan noise musician is donating £1 from each copy of F.I.D. (Fur Is Dead) sold to P.E.T.A. Released in 2006.


CD 1
01. Exteriorization? @No.1 (16:50)
02. Forest Of Kelp (21:48)
03. Seitaka (13:09)

01. Exteriorization? @No.2 (17:50)
02. Transition (16:44)
03. Kongara (16:52)

Disc 1
Disc 2



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