Matthew Sochocki - Black Throne

>> Monday, August 11, 2008

Very good release I received a while ago. It's less noise and more drone I guess. Long droning tracks that are not so harsh or intensive but much more calmer and relaxing (at least to me). Some more variation would do good in following works but I liked this one too so check it out. ^_^


01. Ruin (23hz) (0:10)
02. the Ghost: A Howl in the Winter Air (10:20)
03. the Ghost: Greeting the Hordes Invading These Halls (13:56)
04. Dead (52hz) (0:10)
05. Black Throne (31:46)
06. Hail (104hz) (0:10)
07. the Wanderer (12:58)
08. Wait (16001hz) (0:10)


There's also a radio performance that you can check out here.


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