Keiji Haino [灰野 敬二] - A Challenge To Fate

>> Thursday, August 21, 2008

1. First blackness (03:18)
2. What stalking fate! (07:25)
3. My only friend (06:42)
4. The born one (05:59)
5. Second blackness (03:32)
6. Not beginning (02:52)
7. Become one (03:58)
8. You who will in now way, I who can in no way (05:51)
9. Third blackness (03:14)
10. The curse that accepted affirmation (10:04)
11. Affection (03:51)

Les disques du soleil et de l'acier - CDSA 54029 - released 1995 (reissued 2004)
compact disc - 11 tracks - 56 minutes 49 seconds
Keiji Haino (guitar, percussion, voice)

A bit of a mixture, but the track `My Only Friend` almost makes it worthwhile. This track is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard with the ringing chords, echoeing bass humming, and feedback sighing in the distance, with Haino san balladeering with pure emotion. Should be released as a single with Haino san dancing, and he would be in the charts. As a whole not so together but probably good to start with, along with Fushitsusha double Live I.

Matthew Pendleton

A Challenge To Fate


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