Aihiyo (Keiji Haino / 灰野 敬二) - Untitled (1st)

>> Wednesday, August 20, 2008

1. My Darling Max (02:45)
2. Wet sand in August (07:52)
3. Melancholy wish (05:04)
4. Red shoes (05:18)
5. Why the two of us here (06:48)
6. I love you to your bones (06:03)
7. I love you (04:45)
8. The world is ours (08:27)
9. Between night and morning (12:07)

Tokuma Japan Communications - TKCF 77022 - released June 24, 1998
compact disc - 9 tracks - 59 minutes 09 seconds
studio album - recorded February - April 1998
Keiji Haino (guitar, voice)
Ikuro Takahashi (drums)
Masami Kawaguchi (bass)

Keiji Haino's best album? A strong sense of melody is present. Whatever the 60s originals might have sounded like, Haino makes these songs entirely his own. Playing this record to friends unfamiliar with his work, they say it doesn't sound like they expected it to sound. Vocals high in the mix, can be listened to even when you have a headache. Contanins three beautiful ballads which are very laid back. Track Five has irresistable fuzz bass and drums rhythm, quite funky. Track two combines Haino's distinctive roaring guitar with a pop song structure which makes a nice change. Elsewhere Derek Bailey style clattering and screaming vocals. And Track Three has the most violent sound, haromica in what could be a cover of "Please Don't Let Me be Misunderstood" by the Animals. I love this record.

Gareth Williams

Keiji Haino - 1st Aihiyo


Roger Camden November 21, 2008 at 5:49 PM  

I've tried to get into Keiji Haino multiple times.
Each time, whatever I heard just didn't do anything for me.
When approaching an artist with an enormous back catalog, I always try and try again. My hope is that there will be one release that will get my foot in the door, you know?
Here goes nothing.

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