Vomit Orchestra - Antecrux

>> Wednesday, July 16, 2008


[USA / 2006 / Autumn Wind Productions / lim.500]

The first Vomit Orchestra full-length entitled "Antecrux", The album took three years to record as the creator wished to create something with absolute flow, yet spontaneous and different enough to convey many different shades and colors to the listener. The Retro-Black Ambient Sadist Flogging your Senses.

1.The Divine Conception 03:14
2.Vein I 05:33
3.Dance ov the Sugardrugged Faery 06:22
4.Stigmatized in Reverie 06:59
5.Vein II 03:29
6.Of Cloud and Crow 03:34
7.Dicaelus dialatus 03:55
8.Suicide at the End of a Film 04:09
9.Vein III 04:44
10.The Lotus of Denial 10:07

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