Objekt4 - Her face among the shadows

>> Sunday, July 27, 2008


[2006 / Sweden / Ravenheart]

Next dashing dark ambient album from Objekt4 "Her Face Among the Shadows" including new never released 4 bonus songs" Each track starts with gently undulating tones, building on that base and adding swirling mists of sound and menacing atmosphere that ultimately increases in anxiety. Dark horror, thriller soundtrack andc ombination of menacing atmosphere...drones build before crashing beast and heavy bass. Rhytmic and frame-chaotic and desperate trip to other the side of light!

1. Seclusion (4:54)
2. Among The Shadows (8:23)
3. Her Face (5:23)
4. Foreverneverendeverend (7:39)
5. She Elven (6:52)
6. Nowhere Everywhere (5:22)
7. Void Of Wounds (8:02)
8. A Way Away (4:00)

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