Mrtyu! - Blood Tantra (Rituels De Sang Du Culte De Tantra)

>> Friday, July 11, 2008


[New Zealand / 2006 / 20 Buck Spin]

"The sound is a mix of back woods New Zealand and modern urban decay. When the deep bass detonations lash out on “Rites of Death in Body Temple” you’re not quite sure whether it’s the sound of an ancient Aboriginal ritual or the menacing 808 war march of a midnight low-rider with its lights low and sawed-offs strapped. Harsh noise, Industrial Sludge & Narco-Metal meeting at the crossing of the Styx."

1-1. Rites Of Death In Body Temple (15:47)
1-2. The Burning Ground (5:47)
1-3. Ash On Ash (17:03)
2-1. For The Glory Of The Fallen (7:35)
2-2. Pyre (4:13)
2-3. Digitalis (2:59)
2-4. The Wordly Skein (4:20)
2-5. Durgas Blood (We Heed The Call) (4:46)
2-6. Monk Eats Children (8:27)
2-7. Fecundity (7:26):

part1 / part2

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