Black Seas of Infinity - AMRITA - The quintessence

>> Tuesday, July 8, 2008


[USA / 2007 / Autumn Wind Productions / lim.1000]

AMRITA - The quintessence, is a concept album revolving around the vama chara or vama marg, otherwise known as the path of the left, or the path of woman, centering upon the Amrita, which is the sexual secretion of the woman in her oracular phase.These creations shall mirror the gates of ingress, congress, and egress that bestow the great magickal power. Ritualistic Dark Ambient Transmissions...Trances...Obsessions into the caverns of your mind yet to be explored and yet to be bled. The ritualistic beauty of AMRITA is the essential mourning to your darkness.

1. Ajasram Abhichara 20:29
2. Devourment 13:03
3. AIShtLa 11:07
4. Porta Vox Umbra 05:23
5. Daughter of the Bleeding Sunset 06:26
6. Anti Vital Interior of the Womb Exploded Moon 08:48


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