Various - Alchemy

>> Friday, June 20, 2008

Limited edition cassette soundtrack from the 1983 video release. Not so much noise or PE here as old school industrial and experimental. A good sample of great stuff from the past. Noisy with lots of tape hiss, so be warned.

I had to copy the tracklisting from iTunes, so the format here is title-length-artist.

01. Shoot Your Enemy No. 1 4:00 Portion Control
02. The Transmutation of Metall 4:48 SPK
03. A Cruel And Relentless Plot To Pervert The Flesh Of Beasts To Unholy Uses 5:26 Mark Pauline
04. Untitled 1:58 P & R Rupenus
05. Rites Of Passage 3:11 Andrew Hickinbotham
06. Efficiency 4:10 Test Dept.
07. Sharing 3:17 Robert
08. The Life And Times Of Sid Vicious 4:19 Die Tödliche Doris
09. Even The Good Times Are Bad 4:38 Nocturnal Emissions
10. Video Ambientazione 5:06 Art Core
11. Hammer And Sickle 2:48 Walter Gramming
12. Head 4:28 La Loora
13. Words Of Voice 1:47 Lustmord

192KB MP3.

Be seeing you.


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