The Grey Wolves - Punishment

>> Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Classic Grey Wolves! Violent in both word and sound. This one is not for sensitive types, but since Brethren and Control Resistance have been requested, I guess you aren't that sensitive! Released by Tesco in 1992. LP with printed jacket housed in a 12-panel poster sleeve. Edition of 500 copies.

A1 Operation Ranch Hand (4:30)
A2 Klandestine AmeriKKKa (3:14)
A3 Deprivation Chamber (3:46)
A4 Blind Faith (4:24)
A5 Impulse Over Order (5:46)
B1 Destination Death (6:44)
B2 Eurofascist (Overcome With Hate) (5:27)
B3 Collapse (3:28)
B4 Split Womb (4:49)

160KB MP3.


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