The Grey Wolves - Atrocity Exhibition

>> Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Grey Wolves should need no introduction. Here we have some early material from everyone's favourite cultural terrorists that was released on cassette by AWB in 1988. There was one other cassette release and both are licensed from Zeal SS, but I've never seen an "original" for what it is worth. This is much more sedate compared to their later work, but still very power electronics -- sounds like a swarm of cicadas at times.

A01 The Skin Area
A02 Rune Filled Eyes
A03 Obscene Mannequin
A04 Left Orbit + Temple
A05 Unidentified Female
A06 Orifice
A07 Suite Mentalle
A08 A Terminal Posture
A09 Auto Erotic
A10 The Him
B01 An Existencial Yes
B02 Concentration City
B03 The Weapon Range
B04 The Image Maze
B05 Beach Fatigue
B06 Autogeddon
B07 The Atrocity Exhibition

320KB MP3.

Rapidshare part 1
Rapidshare part 2

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