Dagda Mor - Agent Provocateur

>> Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Released on vinyl by Tesco in 1998. All tracks recorded and written between January and July 1998 except A2 music written in 1994 and lyrics in 1997. First edition of 750 handnumbered copies pressed on black vinyl. Comes in a clear sleeve with a folded cover sheet.

A1 Kollaborateur (5:25)
A2 Filled With Hatred (3:49)
A3 G.M.R. (5:05)
A4 We Observe And We Kill (6:03)
A5 E-D-O-M (3:55)
B1 Agent Provocateur (4:58)
B2 Night (5:37)
B3 Mind Scan (4:41)
B4 Sturmruf (4:08)
B5 The Coming Race (4:56)

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