Wäldchengarten - The Leech

>> Friday, May 9, 2008


[Denmark / 2006 / Drone Records / lim.300]

"WÄLDCHENGARTEN is a danish duo from Aarhus that could be best described as “noise ambient” or “raw / harsh drone” in what they do. After some already very promising releases (i.e. a CD in the Desolation House-series of Relapse Recs) this is their very first vinyl. Their music on #The Leech# is very raw and filled with tiny noisy outbursts, at the same time ultra-sluggish & powerful. Low whistling feedback & pure electronic whirl-tones are omnipresent, everything seems to gradually sink to an alien center of heavy gravity like an organic entity that is slowly sucking energy while everything around is pulsating and rumbling in menacing cascades... this is dark, but its a darkness of sheer beauty"
(recommended for fans of Burning Star Core)

1. Ignorant
2. Parasite

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