The Trinity of Non Being

>> Wednesday, May 14, 2008


[USA-Finland / 2006 / Autumn Wind Productions]

"Black Seas of Infinity is the antithesis of the life wave in all realms, the glorification of the force of nothingness incarnate.Through streams of existence the myriad shards reflect the essence of eternity which is contained within... the birth of knowledge shall be attained.. behold these truths of madness and wisdom, for within lies the key to eternity.

Kaniba is the voice from the world of spirits, channelled through to a form perceivable to man; the vessel of the spirit-bear bringing the tidings of Videovora Kaniba unto this world. Kaniba is a message of freedom, spiritual growth and an urge to seek for The Source, which is all and nothing, one and many, an encouragement for everyone to find their own Truth. Kaniba is a metamorphosing entity, choosing whatever form and appearance that suits Her tidings, unchained and uncaring of the chains and trappings of the world of men.

Ugegi Aoiveae A Ser strives to reach beyond the limitations of the flesh. It is a vision of pure mind transcending boundaries that in life can not be attained. This is the audial essence of transcendental gnosis showing a bleak vision of life and that which should be strived for. This vision is cold because emotion blinds the mind. It is dark as there is no light to guide you on paths you must walk alone.

This collaboration shall serve as a vehicle to transform those who dare to experience it!

Black Seas of Infinity (United States of America)
1. To Receive The Perplexity Of The Soul Of Liberation 07:08
2. The Faceless Ones Shall Be Kings Of The Earth Forever 06:55
3. Secretions Of The highest Virtue 12:14
Kaniba (Finland)
4. When The Hurricane Comes 09:16
5. When I Forsook All Earthly Wisdom 15:03
Ugegi Aoiveae A Ser (United States of America)
6. Alignment In Opposition II 16:32

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