Prurient - Fossil

>> Saturday, May 10, 2008


[USA / 2004 / Truculent Recordings / lim.1000]

Industrial? Harsh Noise? Power Electronics? Experimental? Genres mean nothing when Prurient comes along to set the world on fire. This time Dominick Fernow acts as the mad conducter who once again uses the words of Jean Feraca and Rumi, while recieving assistance from Bryan Gilroy, Ben Barnett, Jeff Plummer, Emily Salvatierra and Kris Lapki to compose a orchestrated blitzkrieg of filth. All material was recorded on February 14th, 2003 at the famous Candle Factory (RIP) in Providence, RI. Over the following year those recordings were then assembled into Fossil. A definitive release from Prurient, Fossil is unique in every way and refuses to be ignored. Possibly one of the most devastating recordings to filter out to an unsuspecting world in a long time. Turn up the volume and feel the passion of torment.

01. With You (27:58)
02. Waiting (30:18)

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