Knurl - Nervescrap

>> Saturday, May 3, 2008

Knurl uses hand-crafted metal boxes, springs and wire constructions as instruments, exploring the sonic possibilities of different metals as processed through electronics. Note, however, that he uses no computers or other digital post-processing -- this is all pure analog noise. In Nervescrap, Knurl explores not only the textures of sounds, however, but the tones that can be coaxed from the materials. These are not synthesized tones matching specific frequencies--that would defeat the purpose--instead, the irregular, natural harmonics escaping the metal surfaces interact between layers in each composition to develop a dare-I-say "melodic" core.


01. Untitled (2:31)
02. Untitled (5:59)
03. Untitled (4:40)
04. Untitled (12:56)
05. Untitled (8:23)
06. Untitled (3:32)
07. Untitled (8:18)
08. Untitled (3:50)
09. Untitled (12:02)

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Really... Wow.

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