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so what does 20.SV even mean!?:
"The sievert (symbol: Sv) is the SI derived unit of dose equivalent. It attempts to reflect the biological effects of radiation as opposed to the physical aspects, which are characterized by the absorbed dose, measured in grays. It is named after Rolf Sievert, a Swedish medical physicist famous for work on radiation dosage measurement and research into the biological effects of radiation.Once the human body is exposed to a level of 20Sv…Acute radiation poisoning, 100% fatality after 7 days (LD 100/7). A dose this high leads to spontaneous symptoms after 5 to 30 minutes. After powerful fatigue and immediate nausea caused by direct activation of chemical receptors in the brain by the irradiation, there is a period of several days of comparable well-being, called the “walking ghost” phase. After that, cell death in the gastric and intestinal tissue, causing massive diarrhea , intestinal bleeding and loss of water, leads to water-electrolyte imbalance. Death sets in with delirium and coma due to breakdown of circulation. Death is inevitable; the only treatment that can be offered is pain therapy."


"20.SV, the sinister industrialized post apocalyptic extermination device was activated in the year 2000. Its nature surpasses all genres, words and descriptions. 20.SV exists to simulate perfectly your own demise through the most updated and sophisticated technologies. It restricts itself to no boundaries, shape, definition, sound, ideologies nor rules. 20.SV breathes in its very own viral hive independently."
(Quotes taken from the official 20.SV lab)

PERSONAL NOTE: 20.SV is the shit, mixing harsh with atmospheric, this is how extreme music should be done;(imo) THE BEST musical incantation of a post-apocalyptic world. MANDATORY!!!

2005 - Acid Vomit
Label: Cthulhic Dawn Productions
Format: mp3@295(VBR)
Total playing time: 17:39

2005 - Human Genocide
Label: Cthulhic Dawn Productions
Format: mp3@304(VBR)
Total playing time: 30:38

2005 - Insects
Label: Autumn Wind Productions
Format: mp3@268(VBR)
Total playing time: 32:08

2006 - Apocalyptic Desert
Label: Cthulhic Dawn Productions
Format: mp3@302(VBR)
Total playing time: 28:43

2006 - Gaz Mask.Radiative Hate
Label: Cthulhic Dawn Productions
Format: mp3@303(VBR)
Total playing time: 28:14

2007 - Extermination Process
Label: Free Internet Release
Format: mp3@320
Total playing time: 33:14
Note:This is not the actual cover, I "made" it.

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