Half Makeshift - Aphotic Leech

>> Saturday, April 12, 2008


[USA / Utech Records / 2007 / lim.500]

"Aphotic Leech is the first movement in a series of ever changing modes which make up what Half Makeshift has slowly become. A bath of heavy drone and bitter piano chords strewn over top of subtle glitch work and manipulated percussion, Aphotic Leech trades malice for despair and shuns any probable hope. Created in November of 2006 from austere piano pieces, string fragments, a live percussion specimen and other various arrangements, this piece grew to be much larger than originally intended through a series of long manipulation and thought processes. It engulfs the body in a thick black sludge only to dissipate at once, become a reborn substance and finally drain itself leaving a small fragment lingering after it expires."


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