Death Hymen - Flowers of flesh and blood (2006)

>> Friday, April 11, 2008


[USA / 2006 / Autumn Wind Productions]

"Death Hymen is the power electronic/noise/industrial side project of Set-Heru (Black Seas of Infinity, Per Orsus Formidonus, Sick), Diabolus (Vrolok, Vomit Orchestra, Sick, Black Funeral) The music orchestrated within this context is nothing like their other projects in any sense, this is pure perverse noise, with many different elements incorporated, which do not fit into the framework of any of their respective musical outlets. This will mutate into whatever form they wish upon it. "Flower of Flesh and Blood" released through Autumn Wind Productions, consists of six tracks of dense, chaotic noise/power electronics, with elements that span the spectrum from breakbeat, to dance industrial, which exults female sexuality, with particular emphasis on the menstrual cycle, and the imbibition of such..let the perversions commence"

PS. check out their killer new songs on myspace, seems they moved to a more perverse industrial sound.

1.Happy Ending
3.Theatre 1865
4.Flower Of Flesh And Blood
5.Perverted Antiquity
6.I Am Nothing, And Nothing You Shall Fear


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