Black Seas of Infinity - Within Daathian Chasms

>> Wednesday, April 30, 2008


[USA / 2005 / Autumn Wind Productions]

"An exploration of the sphere of Daath, otherwise known as knowledge. Each sonic excursion acting as a key to this exalted chamber. Mind numbing distortions, and amplifications, instilling and enthralling in their terrible grandeur, the wisdom of that which is beyond."

01.Vortex of Awakening
02.Mass of Apep
03.Blessed Sacrament of Levanah
04.Retromingent Periodicity
05.Pallid Stardust of the Moons Blind Sister
07.Whore of Babalon,Shed thy Dew of Nothing
08.Ecstasy of the Octinomos
09.Within Daathian Chasms
10.Eternal Aeons of the Flame
11.Path of the Void (BeYond the Nothingness)


Review here

Out of print from the label for some time now, but some copies available here


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