K. K. Null & Jon Rose - Transgenic Nomad

>> Monday, January 14, 2008

This duo encounter between Japanese noise guitarist K.K. Null and prankster Australian violinist Jon Rose was recorded in late 1999. In 40 minutes, the pair delivers 12 short instrumental pieces. If they are not written down, at least they seem to have been prepared, if only through the choice of instrumentation. Rose cycles through his tenor violin ("Pavane" and "Spiral Furniture," both featuring this instrument, are the only tracks where his playing remains purely acoustic), the double-neck violin, the fence (an electrified long string), the whipolin, and "Dr. Rosenberg's Cymbalon," which sounds like a MIDI zither (and it probably is). Null uses an electric guitar with his Kaoss-pad and Nullsonic devices. The furious creativity of Rose leads the sessions throughout. Null can only adapt (in the delightful "Transgenic Dialogs") or curl in a corner to produce droning textures. More than once their playing intermingles, turning the task of deciphering who emits what sounds into an ordeal ("Deepfield" and "Mathematical Cowgirls" are puzzling). The short durations and tasteful editing job make for a constantly striking album -- dense, rich, and wildly entertaining, in the vein of Rose's collaboration with kotoist Miya Masaoka (Sliding, 1998), but more playful. Any album by Rose that is not a radio collage piece or a gigantic multimedia project tends to be sidelined in his discography. Transgenic Nomad deserves a better fate. A special mention must be given to the album title, probably the best two-word expression to describe these two highly original artists. Recommended. ~ François Couture, All Music Guide
01. Transgenic Dialog 1 (1:35)
02. Ghost Bathtub & Psycologist (5:18)
03. Mathematical Cowgirls (1:23)
04. Weather Under The Skin (4:43)
05. Sonicworm (3:03)06. Pavane (2:34)
07. Transgenic Dialog 2 (2:00)
08. Immigrant Song (3:26)
09. Spiral Furniture (4:46)
10. Left Hand And Right Brain (1:53)
11. Deepfield (6:27)
12. Transgenic Dialog 3 (1:48)

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