The Cherry Point & Oscillating Innards - Corridors Of Blood

>> Friday, December 28, 2007

[no cover sorry]

An rare split CD which was limited to 45 copies released back in 2004. Cherry point has his usual wall of harsh noise put up and the Oscillating Innards seems to use loops on some vinyls or atleast that's what I recognise. Anyway, interesting stuff worth hearing.


1. The Cherry Point - Untitled (10:04)
2. Oscillating Innards - Untitled (9:55)



Merzbow - Happenings 1000 Years Time Ago

A neat small vinyl our friend Drago found and uploaded for TNA.


Side A Happenings 1000 Years Time Ago (Part I) (4:26)
Side B Happenings 1000 Years Time Ago (Part II) (4:03)




>> Saturday, December 22, 2007

Here's a new track from some of the material I'm working on for the split. Comments and criticisms are greatly encouraged.


Prurient - Starvation

>> Friday, December 21, 2007

Another Prurient rarity. Recorded in the Summer of 2002 and released in the Summer of 2004. Very, very rare release limited to 50 copies and released as tape. Comes with a Worn Religious Medal.

Side A The Bones Of A Saint (4:56)
Side B A Very Small Person (4:47)



Prurient - Adam Tied To Stone

One of Prurients this year releases (but it was recorded last year in New York). This one is a bit rarer then the other ones, actually it's limited to 500 copies and released as a 12'' vinyl so it's a nice pice to own in original format. Very good stuff so enjoy it!


Side A Adam (14:09)
Side B1 Returning Rape (8:45)
Side B2 Tied To Stone (5:01)



Contagious Orgasm & Government Alpha - Heartstrings

Extraordinary collaboration release from two of the most distinguished artists working in the Japanese noize scene "Heartstrings" presents 12 tracks of creative, varied and amazing new sounds presented in a Deluxe cardboard sleeve and as a Limited Edition of 500 copies only.

1. Missing Link (2:40)
2. Background Sound (4:02)
3. Commotion (3:57)
4. Twisting Other Side (2:40)
5. Parting (1:39)
6. Faintness Of The Outline (3:25)
7. Spatial Crack (3:42)
8. From The Outside (3:08)
9. Apparition (3:19)
10. Touches (5:42)
11. Possessed Machine (4:18)
12. Final Tuning (3:39)


Government Alpha - Alphaville

>> Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yasutoshi Yoshida a.k.a Government Alpha is one of the hottest and harshest of the young Japanese artists looking to fill the shoes of the old-timers like Hijokaidan, Merzbow, Incapacitants, Masonna and so on. Alphaville is an limited (510 copies) LP Recorded at Xerxes Studio during October/November 1998.

Side A1 Corroded Airspace (4:43)
Side A2 Revolving Canopy (5:28)
Side A3 Scarlet Spectrum (4:38)
SideA4 Disproportion (6:25)
Side B1 Clairaudient Isabelle (6:40)
Side B2 Flaring Water Column (5:02)
Side B3 Enantiodromia (9:17)


You can also buy it from here for a cheap price!


The Cherry Point - Night Of The Bloody Tapes

Very loud, chaotic and most of all harsh noise made by Phil Blankenship. Mixed by John Wiese, November 2005. Headphones are suggested.
1. Untitled (9:28)
2. Untitled (9:17)
3. Untitled (10:16)
4. Untitled (11:33)


C.C.C.C. - Flash

>> Friday, December 14, 2007

This one of their newer works (from 1996) in which they pretty much left their old gloomy and atmospheric sound and switched to a far more louder sound but they kept their old formula of making long songs.


1. Flash For Rotten Limit (41:09)

2. I Wish (Harsh Remix Version) (10:42)



Prurient & Aaron Dilloway - Disappearance Of The Maya

>> Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Awesome collaboration between Prurient and Aaron! This is an live collaboration recorded may 2nd 2005. Comes as 4 tapes in vinyl snapcase. Recommended!

Tracklist :

1. Untitled 01 (5:01)
2. Untitled 02 (5:01)
3. Untitled 03 (5:00)
4. Untitled 04 (5:00)
5. Untitled 05 (5:00)
6. Untitled 06 (5:00)
7. Untitled 07 (4:59)
8. Untitled 08 (5:00)



More Wolf Eyes

>> Sunday, December 9, 2007

As promised.

Black Wings Over the Sand LP - 2007 (Ideal)

1. Black Wings Over the Sand A (17:01)

2. Black Wings Over the Sand B (17:52)

Dread - 2002 (Bulb)

1. Burn Your House Down (4:22)

2. Desert of Glue (13:55)

3. Wretched Hog (11:20)

4. Half Animal, Half Insane (4:15)

5. Let the Smoke Rise (21:06)

Fuck Pete Larsen LP - 2002 (Bad Glue)

Note : This is the original LP version released on Bad Glue, not the 2004 reissue on Wabana. The reissue is a completely different version as the masters were too damaged to re-use. Very, very rare. Enjoy!

1. Untitled (4:31)

2. Untitled (8:16)

3. Untitled (14:01)

River Slaughter 2LP - 2006 (Hospital Productions)

1. River Slaughter Side A (16:10)

2. River Slaughter Side B (10:32)

3. River Slaughter Side C (15:17)

4. River Slaughter Side D (15:15)

Slicer - 2002 (Hanson)

1. Untitled (2:02)

2. Untitled (6:17)

3. Untitled (4:25)

4. Untitled (10:50)

5. Untitled (15:59)

6. Untitled (3:14)

7. Untitled (6:48)


Signal The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing

Here is some new material I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. I'm pleased so far, but this is very much a work in progress. Any comments and criticisms are wholeheartedly accepted.

As you may guess from the title, this is different from Beyond The Falling Silence. No sparse space drones in this one.

I've been listening to Death In June for about five hours now. I had forgotten how much I liked them. Great stuff, especially Nada!.



Chronicle of Serial Murder

Membrum Debile Propaganda, 2000.

1 We Slaughter (4:30)
2 Trolling '98 (6:00)
3 Primemover (1:15)
4 Activate Me (4:00)
5 Human Garbage (6:00)
6 186 Yard (3:30)
7 4315 Charlotte St. (4:30)
8 I Am The Night (1:15)
9 Constant Elevation (1:45)
10 Waste It (5:00)
11 Ken And Barbie (5:00)
12 Set Set Set (4:00)
13 I Zip (4:15)

Limited to 500 copies. Comes in an A5 sleeve.
Recorded in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn during the Spring of 1988.

Let Me Show You How
Teito Sound Company, 2004.

A1 Screwdriver (2:12)
A2 Video Video (3:14)
A3 One Second (1:50)
A4 Built To Last (4:18)
A5 Behind Closed Doors (3:34)
A6 Hunts Point (3:37)
B1 Read Me (3:08)
B2 God Never Gives Me What I Want (4:31)
B3 Again And Again (2:39)
B4 Bond (4:25)
B5 I Lash Out (2:29)
B6 Judge And Jury (3:24)

Now this is power electronics! Very much in the style that I like so much. Crushing, menacing and no fun at all. 


Christine 23 Onna - Shiny Crystal Planet

Formed in 1993 as a duo by Yamazaki Maso and guitarist Toda Fusao from Angel'in Heavy Syrup, Christine 23 Onna is described by the band themselves as a "space mondo psychedelic group." The sound of Christine 23 Onna is very different to that of Masonna, Space Machine, or that of Angel'in Heavy Syrup. It is based around a fusion of the psychedelic phrases of accomplished guitarist and composer Fusao, and the spacey electronics of Yamazaki. While the music of Christine 23 Onna is experimental, at the same time there is something about its pop fashion sense that would make it the perfect colorful, acid soundtrack for trips both good and bad at some hip, astro-modernist, interior-designed go-go lounge - all shimmering crystals, glass beads, fluorescent plastic and shining metallic finishes. Unusual for any project involving Yamazaki, this one has groovy repeating beats and a clear sense of compositional structure.

1. Drive To Crystal Planet (6:08)
2. Cosmic Jungle (3:27)
3. Christine Hop #1 (3:57)
4. Christine Hop #2 (2:46)
5. Insect Voice (0:48)
6. Mondo Nude Mode (4:53)
7. Groovy Spacy '70 (7:12)
8. Hypnosis (5:36)
9. Under Cover Of Darkness (2:27)
10. Pulse On Pulse (3:45)
11. Moon Over (4:57)
12. New Dawn On Crystal Planet (1:24)



Wolf Eyes

>> Friday, December 7, 2007

Here are some Wolf Eyes albums. One of my all-time fovorite noise groups. They are infinitely awesome. Download them. I will have more up soon. Fin.

"Although Wolf Eyes has certainly earned the respect of the noise-rock/noise/industrial/power-electronics community after years of touring and a web of self-released outings, the band's appeal to the indie-rock masses perplexes even the most prescient of music enthusiasts. Perhaps it's the cathartic violence of Wolf Eyes' live shows or the way the group pummels electronics, voices, and horns until they no longer resemble anything man made. Or perhaps it's simply that most people have been sheltered from the violent sputtering noise and thumping glitches that define tracks like "Stabbed in the Face" and "Black Vomit." Or maybe, it's the other 130 releases the group has self released through it's various cassette/lathe labels, baffling that of even the most devoted artists. Wolf Eyes hasn't exactly formulated a new genre with its hybrid of industrial noise and textural deconstructionist electronics, but it has given difficult music an important new context, one less rooted in goth trappings and more firmly rooted in punk."

Human Animal - 2006 (Sub-Pop)

1. A Million Years (5:02)

2. Lake of Roaches (1:58)

3. Rationed Rot (8:09)

4. Rusted Mange (2:12)

5. Leper War (6:04)

6. The Driller (3:59)

7. Noise Not Music (2:20)

Burned Mind - 2004 (Sub-Pop)

1. Dead in a Boat (1:38)

2. Stabbed in the Face (3:40)

3. Reaper's Gong (1:36)

4. Village Oblivia (4:03)

5. Urine Burn (0:47)

6. Rattlesnake Shake (4:56)

7. Burned Mind (4:12)

8. Ancient Delay (4:57)

9. Black Vomit (8:15)

Dogjaw - 2004 (Heresee)

1. 1 (5:32)

2. 2 (7:37)

3. 3 (4:15)

4. 4 (3:11)

5. 5 (3:57)

6. 6 (8:57)

Black Vomit w/ Anthony Braxton - 2006 (Victo)

1. The Mangler (26:45)

2. Rationed Rot (7:13)


Signal Beyond The Falling Silence

>> Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Transmission 001 [30 SECONDS] 0:30
Transmission 002 [FOUND] 1:42
Transmission 003 [DRONE TRANSIENT] 3:10
Transmission 004 [VOID IMAGINED] 6:20
Transmission 005 [LOST] 5:19

I was invited here to post my own output, so here is this year's first. Noise, but more oriented toward drone and the space between sounds. I don't know how to describe it, but it is my first voyage into this "phase". The last two tracks are very minimalistic. Headphones are recommended. 

This is the final release. All the mastering is done and everything  is finished.

This is the first recording I have done where all the production work was accomplished with the computer. I arranged all noises and other details using software.

Encoded from 24-bit masters to 320KB MP4.


Japanese Torture Comedy Hour

>> Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Japanese Torture Comedy Hour is a side project of grindcore god Scott Hull (Agoraphobic Nosebleed, Pig Destroyer, Anal Cunt). Hull has always described the project to be "a hybrid of noisecore and power-electronics", but I just don't really hear the noisecore influence. Nonetheless, JTCH creates some uncompromisingly abrasive power-electronics. Totally punishing harsh electronics. Really good stuff. This is both full lenghths and two splits.

Voltage Monster - 2006

1. Total Memory Loss (2:06)
2. Explosions in Ward 6 (2:53)
3. Black Mathematics (3:17)
4. Pollination (4:39)
5. Earth Sized Microwave (3:09)
6. Prowler in the Yard (6:24)
7. Atmospheres (18:05)

50,000 JTCH/Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong - 1996

1. Untitled (3:13)
2. Untitled (3:33)
3. Untitled (0:46)
4. Untitled (0:47)
5. Untitled (9:47)
6. Untitled (1:31)
7. Untitled (3:56)
8. Untitled (1:17)
9. Untitled (2:02)
10. Untitled (1:30)
11. Untitled (3:52)
12. Untitled (9:56)

Split w/ Lasse Marhaug - 1997

Side A - Lasse Marhaug
1. In Arabian Ice Cream
2. 666 In Punk Rock
3. Ministereo In Helping Hands
4. Ladyrock

Side B - Japanese Torture Comedy Hour
1. Plutosimpliciotomatism
2. Satanophonic Testicular Manslaughter
3. A Coded Message Briefing From Unknown Sources

Split w/ Grunt - 1996
Side A - Japanese Torture Comedy Hour
1. Viral Infection
Side B - Grunt
1. Demolition Party 19.8.1995
2. Corrugated Iron Wound 26.12.1995

Glad to be here. More stuff soon.


Aodl - Cleavage Steamer and Whiskey Valentines

>> Saturday, December 1, 2007

Aodl is a young harsh noise act from America but it still managed to release a fair amount of albums (which I will be posting from now on). Very dedicated to harsh noise, no silent parts or anything just pure harsh noise and very well done. Here's two of his early albums:

Aodl - Cleavage Steamer

1. Coast Wail (9:09)

2. Griddle Tape Pulls The Body (9:19)

Aodl - Whiskey Valentines


1. Person Of Simple Form (8:40)

2. Marla Singer Hegemon (9:20)

3. Celeskitchin (4:00)


(Eh, this site is full of bugs and errors when it come to posting.)


Violent Onsen Geisha - The Midnight Gambler

Violent Onsen Geisha is a Japanese noise music group, distinctive among many noise acts for frequently displaying a bizarre, sarcastic, and mischievous sense of humor. The group is essentially the solo project of Nakahara Masaya, though early in the group's history Nakahara fabricated a story, for years related as fact in the music press in Japan, that the group had at one time had several other members who died. Such conceptual conceits are common in Nakahara's work and public persona. A typical Violent Onsen Geisha album may contain music done in more conventional musical styles such as disco and hip hop, field recordings, and appropriated or "found" music, in addition to (or even instead of) straight-ahead noise. Midnight Gambler is one of his newer works that was released in 1996.
1. Untitled (22:15)
2. Untitled (0:28)
3. Untitled (4:42)
4. Untitled (16:10)
5. Untitled (0:22)
6. Untitled (0:33)
7. Untitled (1:35)
8. Untitled (4:04)
9. Untitled (4:05)
10. Untitled (6:30)
11. Untitled (2:58)
12. Untitled (8:10)