Merzbow - Turmeric

>> Saturday, November 17, 2007

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4 Disc box set

Black Flesh PT.1
Black Flesh PT.2
Black Flesh PT.3
Black Flesh PT.4

Black Bone PT.1
Black Bone PT.2
Black Bone PT.3
Black Bone PT.4

Deaf Composition no.002
Deaf Composition no.0003

Black Blood PT.1
Black Blood PT.2
Black Blood PT.3
Black Blood PT.4


Review From Terrorizer Magazine

There are certain definite things in life: the rising sun, rush hour crushes, insane radio and TV presenters and bad hollywood remakes of excellent Japanese horror films. You may also add to this list 'Turmeric' a new Merzbow boxset that's a bit noisy. Four CDs in a rather splendid embossed silver-on-white slipcase and a fifth disc (also the best) available as a limited edition from Blossoming Noise's website all contribute to the ever-growing catalog of this master craftsman. There's no denying that Masami Akita is anything short of genius when it comes to the creation and manipulation of noise and these five discs only strengthen the case. But surely he's getting bored of such compositions; he can create this sort of output standing on his head by now. Is it because he is a master of his art that it appears an easy task to create such bizarre works of cacophony? 'Turmeric' is exactly what you'd expect from Merzbow: hideous squealling feedback, low drones, sharp high end and the occasional repeating beat - still utterly hypnotic and brilliantly done. If it ain't broke...


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