Fire In The Head - Meditate / Mutilate

>> Monday, November 26, 2007

I was very suprised when I first heard this album. After an amazing CD they put out in 2005 called "As The Nest Burns" they seems to change a course in their music. This pice has no harsh noise at all. It's actually mainly based on ambiental music but don't worry there is also a fair bit of noise in it too but it's just not the same band as it used to be. Still good though, definetly check it out.
1. Darkest Before Dawn (4:18)
2. True Believer (4:22)
3. Learning How (4:32)
4. Kriegskunst (4:42)
5. Complete The Obsession (4:17)
6. And Still They Come (4:23)
7. Psychotic Underground (4:21)
8. Within And Without (4:41)
9. Diluted (4:31)
10. Meditate / Mutilate (4:10)


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