Collaboration of Merzbow and Boris

>> Monday, October 29, 2007

A few days ago I was checking out which of my uploads were downloaded the most. Turns out to be that Merzbow collaboration and thus I decided to post some more of his collaborations. For starters I'm going to post his collaboration with one of my favorite band called Boris. Boris is an fairly known band from Japan that usually plays drone or stoner rock/metal but they tend to explore other genres aswell. They had 5 collaborations with Merzbow so far, I have 4 of them and are here in chronological order:

Megatone from year 2002

04092001 from year 2004
It was recorded on 4-9-2001 at Milk Tokyo. It is limited to 500 copies on heavy weight vinyl with a dark silver cover. Though Boris' official site and most other sites name the two sides as "Side A" and "Side B," it's clear this recording consists of live renditions of five songs from Heavy Rocks accompanied by Merzbow's noise arrangements.


Sun Baked Snow Cave from year 2005

The album consists of a single track that clocks in at over an hour in length. The album artwork was done by Sunn O))) member and regular Hydra Head designer Stephen O'Malley.


Walrus/Groon from year 2007

The A side is a cover of "I Am the Walrus" by The Beatles. The B side shares its name with a King Crimson improvisational piece. A different version of "Groon" appears on Switching Rethorics as "Vanlla Groon", featuring sampled drums/guitar and is credited to Merzbow only. The album artwork is very reminiscent of Roger Dean, in particular his illustrations for the band Yes. The release consists of 5 different vinyl colors: Black, Yellow with Green, White with Green, White with Yellow, and Clear with Green.



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