Ain Soph - 1984 - I

>> Wednesday, October 3, 2007

So one day (yesterday actually) I thought, "why not put some nice and rare ambient stuff to make some refreshment after last noisy month?". Well here's the respond for my question, Ain Soph! Ain Soph arose in Rome in the early 1980's, composing disturbing industrial-ambient soundtracks for their esotheric rituals. The music of their first tape releases is dark, frightening and evocative. In 1988 they released their first LP, the masterpiece "Kshatriya", blending neoclassical arrengements, noise and experimental sounds. At the beginning of the 1990's, Ain Soph radically changed direction, first releasing a collection of sacral-hymn songs, then exploring traditional folk music and psychedelic hard rock. I heard some of their newer stuff and it was not so good from my point of view, ofcourse some people like it but I don't. That's why I bring you their very frist tape! An excelent dark ambient tape that has 4 parts (in this rip version all songs are in one track) with some obvious industrial influences. Enjoy!

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