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>> Thursday, September 13, 2007

Merzbow - Merzbox

Fifty CDs is a lot of music for any one artist to release. To release them all at once, in a boxed set, is quite extraordinary.

The MERZBOX is just such a release. The MERZBOX also includes a book, CD-ROM, medallion, T-shirt, poster, postcards and stickers and is encased in a custom designed box with metal name plate.

If that isn't enough to make you gasp, the 50 CDs in question are Noise music by Japan's premier Noise musician MERZBOW. Not rock, not dance, not country and western but Noise. This event is unprecedented, even in the history of collector's series of classical music.

MERZBOX is the definitive collection of recorded MERZBOW works, spanning the years from 1979 to 1997. Any less than 50 CDs would not have done justice to the scope and ingenuity of MERZBOW's musical manifesto. All of these CDs will only be available in the MERZBOX.

Masami Akita, the mastermind and musician behind MERZBOW, is also a talented visual artist and writer. Akita has written numerous books, directed videos and produced artwork for nearly all of the MERZBOW releases. He has accomplished in under 20 years what would take a lesser artist many lifetimes to achieve.

Thirty of the titles were painstakingly selected from the MERZBOW archives. A further 20 previously unreleased titles, also recorded throughout the extensive history of MERZBOW, have been included in this musical document. All of the titles show the diversity and development of MERZBOW's Noise music.

"Sound work is an accumulation of pleasure, and the desire for pleasure is endless. Maybe the motivation of MERZBOW is to build a Pleasuredome of Noise - to increase power and difference," explains Masami Akita.

The Boxed Set includes the complete biography of MERZBOW, a book of over 100 pages written by music author Brett Woodward. One of the features of the book is testimonials from musicians who have been inspired by MERZBOW: Jim O'Rourke, Damion Romero, Achim Wollscheid and Eugene Thacker. In addition, Seymour Glass, editor of Bananafish, contributes a resounding endorsement of MERZBOW's talent. The book incorporates over 100 full colour images by MERZBOW.

The CD-ROM, also part of the MERZBOX, was created by notorious Melbourne multi-media designer Troy Innocent. It serves as both a document and an interactive journey into chaos. The CD-ROM includes bonus video footage, images and sound works.

A commemorative bronze medallion, by Melbourne artisan Marcus Davidson, is included in this limited edition Boxed Set. A poster, T-shirt, stickers and postcards featuring MERZBOW artwork complete the collector's edition. The 50 CDs are enclosed in a unique black rubber case, all of this encased in a custom designed box with metal name plate.

The set is to be produced as a limited edition of 1000, a part of Extreme's tenth anniversary celebrations.

Welcome to the Pleasuredome of Noise.

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1979 - OM Electrique
OM Electrique Part 1
OM Electrique Part 2
Untitled Taped Drum Solo
Untitled Guitar Solo

1980 - Metal Acoustic Music
Balance Of Neurosis

1980 - Remblandt Assemblage
Remblandt Assemblage
Voice Of Scwitters
Theme Of Dadaist
Hans Arp
Tape Dada
Music Concret
Prepare Guitar Solo 1
Prepare Guitar Solo 2

1981 - Collection Era Vol. 1
Electric Environment
Untitled Material Action
Telecom Manipulation

1981 - Collection Era Vol. 2

1981 - Collection Era Vol. 3
Merz Rock 1
Merz Rock 2
Merz Gamlan 1
Merz Gamlan 2
Merz Scat
Merztronics Jazz Mix
Merztronics Rhythm Mix

1981 - Paradoxa Paradoxa
Paradoxa Paradoxa Pt.1
Paradoxa Paradoxa Pt.2

1981 - Material Action For 2 Microphones
Hoochie Coochie Scratched Man
Yumin, Non Stop Disco
New Acoustic Music No.7

1982 - Yantra Material Action

1982 - Solonoise
Solonoise Pt.1
Solonoise Pt.2
Solonoise Pt.3

1982 - Expanded Music
Manipulation 1
Manipulation 2
Manipulation 3
Manipulation 4
Manipulation 5
Manipulation 6
Manipulation 7
Manipulation 8
M.F.S. W 1

1982 - Nil Vagina Tape Loops
Nil Vagina Tape Loop No.0
Nil Vagina Tape Loop No.1
Nil Vagina Tape Loop No.2

1983 - Material Action 2 (N.A.M.)
Nil ad Mirari
Nimbus Alter Magneto Electricity (18:12)

1983 - Mechanization Takes Command
Electric Pygmy Decollage
Machanization Takes Command
Peaches Red Indian
Suicidal Machine

1983 - Dying Mapa Tapes 1-2
Denigration (
Indifferent Pt.1
Indifferent Pt.2
Ooinon For Satva Karman (Sprashutavia) Decoup
Dharma Kamarage

1983 - Dying Mapa Tapes 2-3
Sukha, Chanda, Tanno, Kless
Genetic Erotic (Sie Wiro Weib)
Rejet, Ictus, Connotation, Accompagnement, Penisersatz, Stigma Indelible Etc.

1984 - Agni Hotra
Agni Hotra
Asagaya In Rain
Swamp Metal
Loops In Flames
Arbertus Magnus
Untitled Waves

1984 - Pornoise/1kg Vol.1
Loop Fuck 1
Loop Fuck 2
Obituary 1
Obituary 2
Night Noise White

1984 - Pornoise/1kg Vol.2
New Karhma
Dynamite Don Don Pt.1
Dynamite Don Don Pt.2

1984 - Pornoise/1kg Vol.3
UFO vs British Army
Toy 69

1984 - Pornoise Extra
Flesh Radio 1
Flesh Radio 2
Dance Of Dharma-Kala
Psychotic Orange
Helgas Death Disco
Eros Pandra
Chopin Is Dead
Risa Supersex

1985 - Sadomasochismo/The Lampinak
Antimony Pt.1
Antimony Pt.2
Eyes Of Isonokami
The Lampinak - Sarpent Power
Carcass On The Floor
Village Of 8 Graves

1986 - Mortegage/Batztoutai Extra
Anus Anvil Anxiety (Long Version)
Radio 1511
Mortegage Inc. Batztoutai

1987 - Enclosure/Libido Economy
Interline No.1-3
Libido Economy No.1
Libido Economy No.2

1987 - Vratya Southward
Electroacoustic Voyage
Electric Red Desart

1988 - Live In Khabarovsk, CCCP (I'm Proud By Rank Of The Workers)
Live At Trade Unions Place Of Culture Hall 23 March 1988
Live At Soviet Army Officers House Hall 24 March 1988

1988 - Storage
War Storage Pt.1
War Storage Pt.2
War Storage Pt.3

1988 - Fission Dialogue
White Gamlan
Fission Dialogue
Inside Tangues In Tera-Aspic

1988 - Collaborative
Joint featuring S.B.O.T.H.I.
Code-Gerausch-Aggregate featuring S.B.O.T.H.I.

1988 - Crocidura Dsi Nezumi
Mustela Erminea Nippon
Mustela Sixasa Namiyei (Including: The Revenge Of The Son Of Monster Magnet)
Strange Strings

1989 - KIR Transformation
KIR Transformation featuring Achim Wollscheid

1989 - SCUM - Scissors For Cutting Merzbow Vol.1
Extract 1
Extract 2
Extract 3
Extract 4
Kinetic Environment
Yeah, But That Was Just Dyke Stuff Great Nude Variation No.2

1989 - SCUM - Scissors For Cutting Merzbow Vol.2
Music For Funk Arts No.1
Music For Funk Arts No.2
Great Nude Variation No.1
Extract 5

1989 - SCUM - Severances
UP Steel CUM
Catabolism Variation Stereo No.1
Deaf Forever / Wild Thing / Electric Shaver Forest / De-Soundtrack Variation No.1 / Rap The Khabarovsk

1989 - SCUM - Steel Cum
Great Nude Variation No.3
Duck Exercise
Blues In C Minor

1990 - Cloud Cock OO Grand
Brain Forest For Metal Acoustic Concret
Autopussy Go No Go

1990 - Newark Hellfire - Live On WFMU, 1990
Newark Hellfire

1990 - Hannover Cloud
Magnetic Void
Rocket Bomber
Untitled Cock
Autopussy Go No Go 2

1991 - Stacy Q, Hi Fi Sweet Leaf
Decomposed Cockoo
Stacy Q, Hi Fi Sweet Leaf

1992 - Music For True Romance Vol.1
True Romance Theme
Music Cave
She Floating - Preparation
She Mutilation - Main Ritual
Injured Imperial Soldiers Marching Song

1993 - Brain Ticket Death
Metal Of Doom
Electric Peekaboo
Iron Caravan
Brain Ticket Death

1993 - Sons Of Slash Noise Metal
Cross Toad
Slash Embryo

1994 - Exotic Apple
Sunohara Youri Is Suzanna Erica
Moon Over The Bwana A
Apple Rock 1
Apple Rock 2
Apple Rock 3
Apple Rock 4

1995 - Liquid City
Liquid City 17-1-95
Dalitech Filters
Cheese Car Commando

1995 - Red Magnesia Pink
Minus Zero
Delta X
Tremelo Man
Euclids Pickel
Chameleon Body
You - Bahn

1995 - Marfan Syndrome
Marfan Syndrome For Blue (Remix)
Oldenbergs Soft Gun
Spider Nest Castle Pt.1
Un Br Che
Yosef Voice

1996 - Rhinogradentia
Silver Scintillator

1997 - Space Mix Travelling Band
Travelling 1997
Floating Manhattan
Hongkong Suite

1997 - Motorond
Motorond Pt.2
Motorond Pt.1

1997 - Annihiloscillator
Hair Gun
Kyoko Hamara Air Clyster
Black Brain Of Piranese
Soft Parts 1&2
Wild Pair


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